Year 13 unseen poetry DIT task

Hello all,

we have completed two full answers now for the unseen poetry…..


Firstly, we did the Mower’s Song / First Love Unseen poetry feedback on first attempt

Then, we did the mock Hughes mock feedback response Burns & Hughes

For your DIT, have a go at this Music when Soft Voices Die we will go through the mock example essay and the DIT question in our lesson this week . Please print a copy of the DIT question for yourself to bring to the lesson (13A Tuesday  13D Friday). It is not homework, we will look at it together.

Here are the slides from Tuesday’s lesson Unseen Poetry DIT TASK prompts for Shelley poem. Please can you write either a detailed plan for your answer or write the essay for next Monday. On Monday we will do Gatsby. Here is a possible route through. Shelley & Dickinson essay plan

Here is a summary of the two planning models we have looked at so far unseen poetry two planning models

I have also stumbled upon this amazing glossary of terms Literary Bible

Mrs T


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