Year 10 self-assessing your P&P assessment

It is always useful to read other people’s work and make notes on content that you could use next time and see how they demonstrate skills. Here are two excellent essays written last year on the same question “How does Austen present attitudes to women” .

24 marks Austen presents women

30 marks Austen presents women

  1. Write a date and title in your book “Content that I will ‘magpie’ from the exemplar essays on ‘the presentation of women'”. Read both essays and bullet point key ideas / quotes / vocabulary that you spy and think “wow”. Also kee an eye on skills ( how they incorporate context for example) and essay style.
  2. Next, go through your own essay next and highlight a) quotes  b) A02 method vocabulary c) A03 context d) writer’s intention. Add a code at the end.
  3. Finally, collect an assessment reflection grid, trim and stick in. Complete the pupil reflection with perceptive and precise details. Add in your target grade. In the box above with Mark/Grade can you put ” Self assessed   /30) and give yourself a mark out of 30.

Homework – finish exploding your 4 quotes from chapter 34 the proposal. Chapters 34-36 proposal, letter , epiphany and read to end of chapter 42.


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