Year 11 Mrs Taylor’s feedback & prep for timed essay

Homework – print essay plan slides  (2 of them) and attempt both essays timed (before the exam) and

Before we look at the feedback, go through your essay:

a) count how many quotes you used per text (3+) and in total (6+)

b) how many A02 terms you used ( minimum 8)

c) check that you included context and modern reader for each text

d) For the poetry, did you make sure you used the ‘comparative club sandwich’ (SQICQI)  with meaningful and perceptive connections in each section.

Please print the two feedback sheets and use them to write timed answers as part of your revision – all the content is there for you. You just need to write it up to time. This is invaluable – especially to improve your existing essay ( not just for those who did not attempt the question)

Feedback on the poetry timed essay you were set this week:

How are strong feelings presented in Neutral Tones and Winter Swans

Feedback on the short story timed essay you were set this week:

Odour & Darkness Loss essay plan

Revision on Pride and Prejudice (social class & marriage)

Social class and marriage cheat sheet


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