Year 13 important update – read before the exams

Hello Year 13,

I hope study leave is going well and you are feeling calm and confident – final three weeks now, keep focused and positive!

  1. Here are two new unseen poetry practice papers for you to have a go at:

e.e.cummings v bronte

Kay v Wordsworth

Your marked unseen poetry papers will be available from tomorrow (Tues 6th June) in the English office.

2. In case you missed it, I posted on the blog a range of Othello questions before half-term; you can also use some of them for Gatsby/poetry.

3. A plea to help us: please, please, please remember to return your Othello text when you come to the Paper 1 exam on 15th June. I will be at the exam hall to collect your text – we really need a full return so we can teach the course next year. Please hand it in personally so I can make a note. Thank you. We will have clean copies of the poetry anthology for you all in the exam hall but you need to remember your clean copy of The Great Gatsby. 

4. Remember your clean copy of Top Girls, Handmaid’s Tale and Feminine Gospels for the Paper 2 exam on 22nd June.

5. Amnesty of any other texts borrowed! We welcome your anonymous (!) returns of The Yellow Wallpaper, Wuthering Heights plus anything else you may have accidentally forgotten to return since Year 7. Many thanks in advance.

6. Have another look at the full specimen papers so you are familiar with the layout. There are lots of other questions in the booklet (for texts we are not studying)  so have a look where to find the questions you need.

Wishing you well and happy revision 🙂


Mrs Taylor, Mrs Morgan and Ms Murphy (and Mrs Sharp in spirit)


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