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Dear Year 13

NEA intro slides deadlines/ rubric/ideas for links

nea-plc list of what you need to include

The exam board shared the following 5 essays which they marked. These should give you an idea of the standard and also see the examiner comments to explain the mark. I know it is difficult to read essays about texts you haven’t read but you need to persevere. Look at how they have structured their essay; how many primary text quotes have they used?; how many critical quotes have they used?; how did they incorporate structure and form?; how did they write an intro? How did they signpost their argument at the start and end of paragraphs? How much context did they include?

25 marks  25 marks examiner’s comments

21 marks   21 marks examiner’s comments

17 marks 17 marks examiner’s comments

13 marks 13 marks examiner’s comments

8 marks 8 marks examiner’s comments

There are also some more band 5 NEA responses on the website if you scroll to the bottom of this page (response B compares TYW with We need to Talk about Kevin) :

Here are the questions chosen by last year’s students Year 12 into 13 NEA title list

Here is the list we came up with as a department NEA lsit of possible questions

Here are two example detailed plans : example NEA detailed plan 1 example NEA detailed plan 2

This is a breakdown of how the specimen response was planned by the exam board NEA plan from specimen response

Here is the cover sheet you need to print and complete when you submit your NEA cover sheet

“Mad woman in the attic” critical starting point The Yellow Wallpaper – Gilbert and Gubar criticism




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