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Mrs Taylor’s Y7 Macbeth slides

Macbeth assessment extract

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Year 13 Paper 2 exam tomorrow – urgent reminders

Dear all, what weather for revision! Crikey, it is so hot – hope you are enjoying some chilled mocktails as you revise. See you tomorrow for the exam. Please remember your clean copies of the texts: Top Girls / Handmaid’s … Continue reading

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Mrs Taylor’s Y10 Pride and Prejudice revision

Tonight we are revising the theme of marriage – I have the resource for this. Please can you print these slides (can reduce quite small to save on printing) ¬†Pride and prejudice A02 revision¬†which we will use for our next … Continue reading

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Year 12 Research methods & referencing workshop

Today you will be familiarising yourself with the three main types of secondary reading you will use for your NEA . This will support your A05 – alternative interpretations. The three types are: books / magazines / online. You will … Continue reading

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Mrs Taylor’s Year 10 spoken language assessment slides

Spoken Language Assessment _

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Porphyria’s Lover extension task – treasure hunt!

In the library at the far end on the right, there is a section containing magazines. If you can locate the English Review Vol. 20 Number 4 April 2010 (p.21) , you will find an article about this poem. This … Continue reading

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Year 13 NEA proposals – initial idea homework

For this week’s NEA homework, every Y13 (was 12) student has to post a comment . There are three parts to it. Please comment on what you were inspired to read following our departmental text launch last Thursday – we … Continue reading

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Mrs Taylor’s Y9/10 When We Two Parted

key quotes Create your own flashcard and stick into your anthology – annotate like we did with Porphyria’s Lover.

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NEA text launch & first deadline

Here are some questions linking to texts suggested today 2nd text guidance launch lesson Ms Murphy’s suggestions in detail Ms Murphy’s second text info Mrs Taylor’s suggestions in detail Mrs Taylor’s suggestions Mrs Morgan’s suggestions in detail Mrs Morgan second … Continue reading

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7H Macbeth assessment essay template

This is your template; please can you print a copy. Year 7 Macbeth Assessment essay template Mrs Taylor

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