Creative Writing Enrichment Day 2017


Today students from schools across the city have met to explore the world of Literature. We are immersing ourselves into the wonderland of writing and exploring who we are creative writers. We shall be doing this through 2 different workshops: Navigating Narratives and The Power of Poetry. Throughout the day we will be challenged to write different pieces of narrative and poetry and post them on this blog. We really hope that you enjoy reading them!

35 Responses to Creative Writing Enrichment Day 2017

  1. Erin says:


    It was early in the morning and I was walking through the local park. It was a fresh and cold morning in March the sun was out but a chilled breeze dashing this way and that. I was alone that morning and I didn’t realise that it would be the first lonely morning of many. That park was alway crowded even early in the morning, with runners and dog walkers. I was confused to find that there was not a single person in sight. Where was everyone?

    I walked through the park and into the school grounds. The younger girls who usually sat in a gaggle on the bench near the water fountain were no where to be seen. In fact it was silent and there was no one, anywhere. I quickened my pace and walked through the main doors, the receptionist was not there, her desk looked untouched but there was a half written note on her desk. I walked over to it, it read: ‘you have to go now, get out of the city before it…’ .i didn’t understand, where had everyone gone and if something happened how was I totally unaware?

  2. Alice says:

    671, 672, 673.
    I cannot see them, but I know they are there. The smell of sweat, the ragged breathing, and the sour taste of fear that lingers in the thick, hot air.
    No one says anything. As if no one has anything to say.
    We stare into the blackness, unsuccessfully trying to identify familiar faces or figures – but this is not a game of I-Spy. I tremble; this is the first time in my life where I am only scared for myself, I only think about myself. I am selfish. I am a coward.
    I continue to count the seconds: 674, 675, 676.

  3. Ruth says:

    Death’s Friend

    I live a significantly lonely life, well it isn’t much of a life. I have been cursed with a specific job, to take care of the beings in my forest when their time comes. With merely a brush of my hand against the animal’s skin, it falls limp, and its life draws to a close.
    None of them can see me, of course, as I wouldn’t be able to ‘live’ with myself as I look into their pained eyes as they fall into eternal sleep. So I’m invisible to them, a non-existent being that can never be able to have a friend, to embrace another’s love and appreciation, to never be acknowledged by anyone, that is, until today.
    The forest that I reside in is filled to the brim with wildlife, all shapes and sizes living together between the seas of trees and bushes. I find myself wishing deeply to be one of those creatures, I could be an elegant deer that prances over the vegetation, or a brightly coloured bird that soars in the sky, at one with the clouds.


  4. Tirana S says:

    Ruby, I hope to see you, I’ve waited all this week for you to walk my way, your soul will capture me. Your Mother painted your room a shade of pink, but with your great arrival that shade has turned to red. You’re an angel fallen down, won’t you tell of us of the clouds, because when the sun is climbing windowsills and the silver lining rides the hills, you will be saved for one whole day. For today the sun has risen and we will try again. Stay alive for me? You will die, but now you’re life is free. Take pride in what is sure to to die, you’re an angel. As you grow old, you’re mother asked you to take care of her as you’re Father begins to turn to stone, “Will you take care of me?”. She’ll wake up fine and dandy but by the time you find that handy, she too turns to stone along with your father. Take the pain, ignite it. Tie a noose around your mind, loose enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree. Tell it, “You belong to me, this isn’t a noose this is a leash and I have news for you, you must obey me.” You happily enter those rooms of depression, turning the guns once used as hands into fists, protecting the kids with fused wrists from further danger to themselves, asking them the same questions once asked you, “Stay alive for me.”. It’s a question you couldn’t say no to and neither can they. You see purpose start to surface, you made that difference that was sure for recognition.

  5. Anonymous author says:

    Creative writing exposition by Caitlin Green

    I didn’t ask for a dragon for my birthday…and I didn’t get one – instead I got a dictionary. But I was kinda hoping that mum and dad were mind readers. I mean they should know what their child wants, right? Right! That’s why they fail at understanding me. How amazing would your life be if your parents completely understood everything about you? Then I could really have a mystical dragon named ditzydoocha who would take me anywhere I wanted: to tread across the icy peaks of the Himalayas, swim in the Dead Sea and adult my tastebuds with all new flavours from around the world.

  6. Emily France says:

    Never again.
    This was a bad idea.
    Why did I do this?
    All these thoughts were repeating over and over again in my head. My heart was pounding; each pound felt like a footstep, the quicker my heart pounded, the faster they were coming after me. Beads of sweat ran down my face and I hoped that my feet would carry me quicker down the abandoned corridors.
    The door I just ran through smacked into the dilapidated walls and an old display crashed onto the floor. I couldn’t worry about that, they were already after me I knew it. I saw the heavy wooden door I came through to enter the building and pushed my way through it, now all was left was the grey stairs. My feet were travelling faster than ever before, no time to react, I took off and began to leap over the crumbling stairs. I thought I was in the clear.
    I couldn’t have been more wrong.
    I was suddenly jerked backwards, and before I could react I was dragged back into the decrepit hellhole.

  7. Lauren holliday says:

    As the G note rings in my ear simultaneously with my raspy hum, I feel a tear gather in my eye as I begin to recite my piece across the cold, Ivory keys. The first time I had encountered this song was at my high school prom. I had sat there on the wooden, chipped staircase that lined the hall, strobe lights dancing across my face following onto join the abundance of early adults.

    Clear. My mind that had been racing along with the music. My mind that had been laced with worry and loneliness was quickly cleared as the music stopped and a g note filled the room as the beginning of the song was announced. “When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a marching band”

  8. Emmie says:

    Creative Writing Day

    The wind hit my face. It was more of a soft breeze but compared to the stuffiness of inside it felt like a great gust of wind. I was still exhausted after running away, through the huge building. I should be safe out here, they couldn’t reach me here. It was almost derelict outside. The only life I could see was a blackbird perched on a branch. There was something rather ominous about the way it stared at me, as if it sensed fear. Was I scared? I wasn’t sure. The stillness of the field was incredibly different to the building. Inside I had ran, ran for my life

    A slight rustle behind me caused me to twirl around. The blackbird had flew out of the tree and landed on the ground. It looked at me in a quizzical way, as if it was trying to imagine what I was thinking. I don’t know why but that bird added to my uncertainty. I was uncertain about what was to come. Suddenly inside seemed like a safe haven, a place that was warm and secure. Surely I was overthinking, this place seemed bad beaches I was by myself. But that was the thing. I wast scared of being by myself. I was scared that I wasn’t alone, that they had caught up with me. I couldn’t hide forever, surely I couldn’t.

  9. YT says:

    Creative Writing Story

    So here we begin: grabbing her possessions and taking a final, desperate look at her room, she fled. Running down the staircase and out the front door, the rain slamming against her, and into the world of the unknown…



    A bit dramatic don’t you think?

    Look it’s my story, I’m going to write it how I want

    Fine fine … Whatever you want …

    Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted…
    After she frantically got her money out for the bus, she sank into her (slightly uncomfortable) seat and listened to the sound of her heart hammering against her chest…


    Alright then. How would you say it?

    Just like, she paid for a ticket and sat in a seat.

    What about her heart?

    Ugh. Fine. She paid for a ticket, sat in a seat and was worried.

    … That is so unprofessionalisticism

    Is that even-

    ANYWAY you’re taking up too much time and space on the page. You’re being absolutely ricigrious


    Okay if you’re that good at this then you do it.

    She arrived at the … Place she wanted to be … And … The end

    Wow. You’re not an authortarist are you?


    Why don’t you just let me narrate this story? I have 52 seconds left until she reaches the important bit.

    Why don’t you just make it to the point then instead of including all the other stuff. Look, she’s getting off the bus now.

    For goodness sake! Okay readers she has now reached her destination and is making a dart for the forest. Who knows where she’ll end up?

    I know.

    No you don’t.

    She finds her hideout but finds that someone has found it first, taken all her things and she’s left alone. The end.


  10. Magda says:

    The silence was unsettling. The gym, usually full of people, usually alive with the sounds of heavy footsteps and squeaking shoes and laughing and chatting and shouting, was empty. Empty and silent. I didn’t like it.

    How did I get here? Why did I choose this? What on this cruel Earth was I thinking? Maybe I should go back – just quit. If I just ran then maybe, just maybe everything will be fine again. But I can’t. I can’t quit on this. Not now.

    I slump against the cracked stone wall and look up to the corner of the ceiling where the paint was chipped and dirty.

  11. Gabby says:

    I stand here just watching time go by. I’m known to be the loner, the emergent. Everyone knows I’m here but I’m ignored. I see happiness but also sadness. Some species act on me as if I’m everything like there’s no life without me, but others who like to chip away at me and try and destroy me from the outside. I’m the center point of the Sun’s raise but shelter anything below me.

  12. Freya Thom says:

    Exposition Piece – Creative Writing

    ‘Our amazing new design will allow you, our fantastic customers, to remain dry and warm in any weather: the wind, the rain , the snow. You name it, we can beat it.’

    I’m suffocating in this stupid thing.

    ‘Protect your: hair, make-up, glasses. You’ll never have to worry about an umbrella again!”

    So long as your happy looking like the recycled version of Darth Vader.

    “Buy our All-weather Headgear today, and be free to travel in all conditions!”

    If you don’t die of heat stroke first.

    “And cut!”

    Thank God it’s over.

    I rip the cursed headgear off. I can finally breathe. Throwing my hand over my face, I try to protect my sore eyes from the sudden glaring lights. Slowly I step forward, past cameras and bustling crew members. Well that’s making it sound more grand than it really is, it’s just a handful of desperate people trying to find enough money to buy food.

    I can hear the Boss before I see him. His scratchy voice ripping through the muttering and background road noise. I can smell the cologne on him, I think I might be sick. He’s a big guy, with brown hair slicked back over his head. I am entirely convinced that he’s insane- trying to launch a campaign like this. But he’s got the money.


  13. Jess says:

    Voices rage around me, trapping me in a whirlwind of emotions. Screams ricochet inside my brain and I can almost see it as it flys towards us. Surrounding me, families clutch at each other as waterfalls erode at their smiles. The perpetual black abyss above begins to suffocate us as we stand there, waiting. The sky darkens, stars are buried like forgotten dreams and hopes as it rushes closer, closer and closer. A child starts to cry, tears staining their pale face with misery.
    A hand clasps mine; a hand with skin as pale as the blossoms of the almond tree. Your hand. Clammy with the thought of inevitable death and the thought that we could have stopped it.

    We could have saved everyone. But we didn’t; we chose to save ourselves, our secret.

  14. Catriona says:

    Thursday 21st 2033

    It’s early morning. I am currently at the old, abandoned boarding school. I am scared. There are noises coming from the classrooms around me. I timidly open the door but there is no one there. Where have all the people gone? . The are more noises closer this time . What could it be? There are no people, are there? I’m trying to squeeze myself into the tight gap between the radiator and the cupboard, hoping that whatever it is don’t know that I am here . My jacket is on top of me, hiding me from view. Knock knock knock. The noises are right outside of the musty classroom door. The sound of the door handle turning slowly reaches my ears. By this point I am petrified, not even breathing. The door creaks open and I look through the gap in my barrier. There is nothing there.

  15. Ava says:

    It was a strange sensation flooding through me, I was numb yet I felt so alive. I could feel the weight of my eyelids pulling me into a slumber, I craved to get up and do something, anything, but the body I was caged in allowed me no movement. All I could see was the truck, the black and red truck- I opened my eyes- nonetheless, the image remained- the truck was swerving towards me. It was odd because while everyone else despised hospitals prior to the crash I’d loved Southridge hospital; perhaps it was because my father worked there and I used to recall the faded memory of when my mother was still here and how I loved waiting there for him to finish with my mum complaining about how he was always late. But now I wish nothing more than to get out of this hospital full of reminders of how my life will never be the same.

  16. CharlottePiper says:

    I walked down the cobblestone path as I listened to the shallow breeze. The sounds of the small finches and blackbirds in the background made the moment feel at peace. As I took my pace I suddenly stopped and looked in awe. There I took a moment to perceive the beauty that surrounded me. Blooming flowers sprouted in colours of vibrant pinks and angel like whites glistened as the sun shone down on them. Then, in the corner of my eye something grabs my attention. A tree but not just the average tree; it was unique.
    This tree stood bare. All the others had blossomed but this one- I felt like was special. I reached my hand out and felt the bark, it was smooth like silk. I took another look and noticed something engraved on the surface. It read “Emily.” I thought to myself for a second- “that’s my name?”

  17. Daisy says:

    I’m always looking for something.

    I don’t know what it is, but my mind constantly races in each environment I find myself in. I feel the heat build up in my brain, the cogs continuously turning but… For what? Scanning the landscape standing before me, the void deepens.

    I need problems. Problems, questions; they fuel my mind because without them, what do I do with myself?

    The smell of freshly cut grass chokes my nose and the colourful charade of flowers sends my head into sensory overload. It’s too serene, yet it’s also too manic…


    In and out. I need to focus. As I open my eyes, I notice a lonely tree surrounded by some quiet willows. Their leaves waterfall down to the floor, a vivid green. Wait. I’ve found something, I’m sure of it. Something here doesn’t make sense. That lonely tree isn’t lonely because it’s alone…

    I think I’ve just found my problem.

  18. Alice says:


    I live in a place where the snow is not cold.
    It is snow, isn’t it, Mummy?
    It falls from great brick chimneys instead of the sky,
    But i don’t mind.
    Daddy went to the chimneys the other day.
    It must be nice there, because he hasn,t come back yet.
    Is it nice there, Mummy?
    We didn,t have much snow at our last home,
    Sometimes I miss our old home.
    When are we going back, Mummy?
    Mummy? Mummy?!

  19. Emily France says:

    My love for burgers is so great
    My heart melts for them day after day
    I eat them and don’t care what I weigh
    More and more upon my plate

    They bring me sunshine
    When the bun is plain
    They brought me company
    And helped me stay sane

  20. Ruth ;) says:

    Dino Poem

    T-Rexes are red,
    Triceratops are blue,
    I love dinosaurs,
    And you should too.


    • CharlottePiper says:

      Dear Dad

      There are some moments
      When I experience Deja Vu
      Especially when I am
      Thinking of you
      I get transported
      In the memories of the past
      After which sadness takes over
      Why those good times didn’t last
      Since your death, I found
      My reveries to be
      The best place to hide
      Where it’s just you and me
      I was young and half-witted
      Us pair of fools
      I’m older and wiser now
      Training to be a nurse at medical school
      Are you proud of me Dad?
      I’ve come a long way
      Can’t wait to be reunited
      With you one day…

  21. YT says:


    I Don’t Know What to Write

    Pen tapping paper
    Looking around the room
    Pen still tapping
    I need to start soon

    I still have no idea
    Are they really done?!
    What am I going to do?
    Maybe I’ll get up and run

    Still I’m empty-headed
    Peter with no ink
    I can hear scribbling around me
    What will my teacher think?

    Hang on, wait a moment
    An ideas under my hat
    I have no ideas right?
    So I’ll write about that

  22. Ava says:

    The lost toy train

    Am I crazy, am I insane,?
    My body’s being killed by my brain,

    In this whirlwind of deep pain,
    Blood pulsates through my vein,

    This desolation is inhumane,
    All my regrets forged into a chain,

    All because I lost my best toy train,
    Down the deep dark smelly drain.

  23. Gabby says:

    I’m insane on my own
    But I’m still conscious
    If you take my bone
    You better be cautious

    I chase the cat
    No one knows
    I once chewed my owners hat
    And now he still moans

    Don’t judge me for being smelly
    But please don’t touch me
    I like putting food in my belly
    And you can call me Suzie

  24. Magda says:

    I am an Astronaut

    I am an astronaut.
    Floating in space,
    The emptiness surrounding me,
    As if I am part of it.
    Part of the emptiness.

    I glance back to the place
    That once was
    My home,
    Yet now it is so
    Far away.

    The stars gleam around me,
    And I reach out my hand,
    To touch them,
    To feel their warmth,
    Their light.

    But I cannot reach.

    I try to swim
    Through the blackness,
    To get back.
    But I’m too far out,
    And no matter how much the starlight shines,
    There is no more hope…

    Only blackness.

    And while you stand
    On the Earth,
    Looking up to the night sky as it
    Fills with stars,
    Thinking how beautiful it is,
    Just remember me.

    Because, you may think that the sky is filled with stars,
    But it’s only when you’re out here that you realise
    How empty it really is.

    You are the people
    Safe within the atmosphere, and
    I am an astronaut.

  25. Jess says:

    I want to be a bee
    Living in a honey tree
    Decked out in blue and yellow stripes
    Because I don’t like stereotypes

    I want to live in a hive
    Listening to classical music live
    Flying through emerald forests
    Heading towards the local florists.

    However I can’t be a bee
    Because I’m stuck in his human body
    The closest I can be
    To being a bee
    Is going out wearing a stripy hoodie

  26. Tirana S says:

    Serial Killer

    Swinging in the backyard,
    Pull up in your fast car
    Whistling my name.
    Drinking my cherry cola,
    You say get over here,
    play a video game.

    He had a face straight out of a magazine,
    And when I get his gun you know we’re going to be safe.
    Well give it one more time,
    Well give it one more fight.

    It’s you,
    Everything I do
    It’s all for you.
    I tell you all the time,
    Heaven is a place on earth with you.

    Down on the West Coast,
    They have their saying,
    If you’re not drinking,
    Then you’re not playing.
    Still sat drinking Cherry Cola,
    Sweet serial killer.

  27. Catriona says:


    It is interesting really.
    How letters, once just lines drawn in dirt thousands of years ago, have come to be the basis of our society.
    How those letters form words that form sentences that form books, newspapers, receipts, leaflets, pieces of literature and everything in between .
    How those books, newspapers, receipts, leaflets, pieces of literature and everything in between are our way of informing and communicating with one another.
    How we would be nothing more than cavemen without them:
    How our modern society would be helpless without those lines drawn in dirt thousands of years ago.

  28. YT says:

    A Simple Cup of Tea

    I thought it was a simple task
    Apparently it’s not
    A cup of tea is what I asked
    My stomach’s in a knot

    I’ll tell you what they did
    You won’t believe your ears
    Off the milk they took the lid
    I know I know there’s tears

    In went the milk
    Oh my heart is shattered
    Then the tea bag went in
    Like none of this mattered

    They poured in the water boiling
    Horror running through my mind
    My cup of tea they were foiling
    I thought that they were kind

    I snatched away my spoon
    And pushed them out the door
    I started all over again
    And enjoyed a cuppa once more

  29. Emmie says:

    Am I crazy, am I mad?
    For always thinking of the bad?
    Surely I am not insane,
    I am not insane in my brain

    The ringing in my ears failed to cease
    Would this pain ever ease?
    I was in so much pain
    As I fell over in the drain

    Surely I would die,
    Surely I would continue to lie
    here in this gutter
    as slippery as butter

  30. Freya T says:

    What Beast waits in the Woods?

    Bang. Bang.
    I can smell the smoke
    I have to run
    Have to find the road.

    I’m looking down at the gun in my hand
    I’m forgetting how it got there
    I’m forgetting who I am.

    I bolt through the forest
    Through thorns, round rocks
    Until I reach the water torrent
    And my escape’s blocked off.

    I turn to look at them
    Is this my story’s end?


  31. Erin says:

    After my last breath

    I often wonder what will happen after I take my last breath;
    As I slip into an eternal slumber,on the day of my death.
    Will my soul escape and join the almighty in the sky,
    Sometimes I contemplate if heaven is a lie.
    Well I guess that when I leave this earth,
    I will be what I was before birth.
    Will I become a guardian angel for a little girl or boy?
    Will I watch over my family and spread joy?
    So many questions I have about life after death,
    But I guess I’ll find out after my last breath.

  32. Lauren says:

    Poetry xD
    Street lamps beam down on me like a million eyes,
    Seeping through the worn cracks that litter that concrete below my feet,
    Ignoring my presence yet displaying it across in black,
    Walking down the street feels like your a peice of meat

    I choose to cover up even on scolding days to avoid attention,
    Respect costs nothing yet it seems to go as too expensive,

  33. Callum says:

    WHERE AM I?!! I can’t move: it smells musky- kind of like the corner of a damp basement mixed with the smell of slaty sea water. It’s as if this contraption is a tiny little boat sailing across the rough red seas. I feel a sudden stabbing pain in my back, it takes me a little while to find what’s causing this pain.

    It turns out it was the end of a claw hammer- as I move the hammer, I notice the handle is stuck in what seems to be a hole in the box. I pull harder on it and suddenly the hammer goes flying along with my arm. Suddenly a sea worth of water starts filling the box…

  34. anonymous says:


    What is tomorrow?
    It’s always right there but never comes,
    it’s always near but far enough away to make hums
    We could begin tomorrow today, after all who says we should not?
    But then it wouldn’t be tomorrow it would be today and nothing would be fought
    Why is it so evasive that we may never experience it? Perhaps it doesn’t exist
    Just a thought we delude ourselves with to make more sense of the mist
    That hides what we do not know, but then do we know anything
    Or is it all lie fed to us from birth to which we cling?
    How do we know? If tomorrow isn’t tomorrow and today isn’t today then is anything real?
    Why do we bother to be then?
    To be or not to be that is the question for which we can not make up an answer

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