KS3 Book Reviews 2017-18

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Title and author

Hard hitting, opinionated opening summing up how you felt when you finished the book.

Sum up genre/setting/ the premise of the book (what the book is about -without plot spoiler!)

Greatest achievement of the book / greatest crime (depending on if you enjoyed it or not – could be plot twist/ realistic presentation of an emotion / memorable character etc) and explain

Who you think would enjoy the book and why




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  1. ellie rowland says:

    Noughts and crosses book review
    Noughts and crosses is fascinating. It is extremely engaging and slightly odd to see the racial issues from the simple amount of time of a few decades ago from different perspectives. But, there is a twist. People in modern day suffering a greater amount of discrimination in this book, are kingly. Whilst people who suffer a limited amount of discrimination are seen as alien: no money, no respect.
    Sephy is a cross- a member of the dark-skinned ruling class. Callum is a nought- a ‘colourless’ member of the underclass. The two have been closely associated friends since early childhood. That’s the furthest their relationship can go. Eventually, first steps are taken towards equality- a limited amount of noughts are allowed into cross schools. Against a background of prejudice and distrust, intensely highlighted by violent nought terrorist activity, a romance builds between Sephy and Callum- a romance that is to lead both of them into unfathomable danger.
    I very much favour this book. It gives a perceptive and intriguing opinions on inequality from both members of the upper class, and members of the discriminated class that are extremely willing and determined to gain vengeance and equality. The idea seems strangely odd to me. The fact that the idea seems odd to me shows that modern day discrimination towards black people still occur. However, although the idea to the plot seems odd, the story seems authentic and convincing in the way it’s written. The author, I think, is clever.

  2. Abi Bridgett says:

    Book title: Private Peaceful
    Author: Michael Morpurgo

    I read this book a few weeks ago and I could not put it down! it is a truly amazingly written book! it starts off with a family consisting of 3 brothers that live with their mum. one of the brothers has a disability. The story is based on a boy called Tommy (Tommo) and his older brother Charlie. They start a new school and meet a girl called Molly. She becomes their best friend. All of a sudden there is a need for soldiers from that village and they have to go. However, a life changing piece of news comes before they leave that devastates Tommy but has the opposite effect on Charlie.

    The book made me feel a range of different emotions and the plot changes during the book and that made me want to read on till the end of which was amazing! I would recommend the book to people that like war books or maybe adventure books. I love Michael Morpurgo’s books anyway so it wasn’t a surprise to me that the book was brilliant. however, if you don’t like books that may make you feel a bit sad, then maybe this isn’t the one for you!

    It is probably one of my favourite books. You really should read it!

    • tiffany says:

      this is amazing!! your vocabulary use and grammatical sentence structure are impeccable, as well as use of advanced punctuation
      well done!!

  3. Louise Searle says:

    My review:
    If someone were to ask me what my favourite book was, I would be thinking for rather a long time. However, I do think I would come to the answer of ‘Arsenic for Tea’. It’s a great book, with lots of twists and cliff hangers – I recommend it to everyone! It’s the second book of the series ‘A Wells & Wong mystery’ by Robin Stevens. The book is based on two schoolgirl detectives: Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong. It’s the holidays and Hazel and Daisy are at Fallingford House (Daisy’s home) to celebrate her birthday. Her glamorous mother is hosting a tea party for Daisy’s family. But soon the tea party isn’t all about daisy at all. One of their guests have fallen mysteriously, fatally ill, and when everything is pointing to poison suddenly Fallingford feels like a dangerous place to be. And when someone close to Daisy looks suspicious the girls must reveal the truth…. Not matter what the consequences.
    The best part of the book – personally – is how you always want to read on and find out what will happen next. It also has great reviews from the The Times, Metro, and Financial Times. I also extremely recommend the first of the series too! The first is called ‘Murder Most Unladylike’, and is just as good as the second.

  4. Bea Girch says:

    The book “Ingo” is about the existence of the mer and a place under the waves that goes by the name of Ingo. The main character of the book is called Sapphire Trewhella, The daughter of a man named Mathew Trewhella. He shares the same name as another man who was lost beneath the ocean, who is famed to have been taken or entranced by the mer. When he goes missing after a scuffle with his wife, Sapphy believes he has also been claimed by the beautiful world of Ingo. Sapphy and her brother, Conor are the only two who believe he is alive. Months later, when Sapphy goes down to the cove, she meets a mer man named Faro. He has a seal’s tail instead if legs, and leads Sapphy down to Ingo to help her find her father.
    This is a slightly complex plotline, but it seems to all fit nicely together. Sapphy is a character full of hope and joy, and you can’t help feeling her joy and pondering her thoughts with her. I very much enjoyed this book because it is based in Cornwall, and every page turn leads to a new surprise. However, some characters need more developing, Such as Granny Carne, Faro, and Sapphy’s Father, Mathew Trewhella. I enjoyed the book nonetheless, and I am currently looking for the third book onwards. I would very much recommend this book to anyone with a love of the sea or myths, talking animals or The Deep.

  5. Olivia says:

    Book Review for Kill you last

    The book Kill you last is all about girl called Shelby Sloan. Her dad owns a modelling agency however a great mystery unfolds. Three girls, who all happened to get photos taken by Shelby’s father, go missing! Everybody believes that it was Shelby’s dad who killed them but she is sure he’s not a murderer. It’s up to her to find out what really happens – with a little help from some friends along the way.
    This book is very intriguing and has loads of unexpected little twists in it which I like. I think that the plot is really clever and that all the characters are very original and unique but equally interesting and special. I think that the ending is very unexpected however it is a really good idea and is not really predictable. I think that the story is very capturing because every so often when you think that you know what happened, and think you have figured out who the killer is, there would be more clever and unexpected Little twists which introduce new problems and suspects along the way.
    It was written by Todd Strasser who wrote lots of other murder and mystery books and now, because I read this book, would maybe try one of his other books too based on how I thought this book as it was very intriguing all the way through and kept me interested throughout. I would rate this book four stars out of five because there are some areas I could suggest for improvement but overall, it is a very good book which I would recommend to anyone who likes murder mysteries.

  6. Freya O'Donnell says:

    Book: Room
    Author:Emma Donoghue

    There is not one emotion i can pin down to this book. Above all else this is an adult book, and i know adults to read it and even find it moving and exceptionally inconceivable. But what makes this book young is that it is told through the frustratingly innocent and ignorant eyes of a five year old called jack.
    Jack lives in Room with Ma and he sleeps in Wardrobe. Sometimes Ma is Gone for a day and she doesn’t leave Bed. But he still does Shout through Skylight – Jack has never been outside because outside is Outer-space. But between the lines outside is not Outer-space, between the lines outside is a back garden. And Room is a secret. And when the beep beep beep of Door opens and Old Nick enters you are trapped in the eyes of an innocent and impossibly unaware five year old. Old Nick brings ‘Sunday Treat” but he also brings abuse and imprisonment. But how do you know this if the real world, in your eyes, is in Tv and Dora is your best friend and Ma knows everything. But then theres a plan and Jack has to be ‘Scave’ and why would Ma want to leave Room. But it’s hard enough when Ma is Gone in Room but what about when Ma is gone in Outside.
    This tail expresses the unimaginable struggle to adapt to the real world after a life-changing trauma. I found myself frustrated, and perplexed by ,this, such a moving and confusing book. It is a un-touched-on perspective. I admire Emma Donoghue for conveying the serial wonderment of entering the real world and the disturbing principle of being trapped from it in such an awe-inspiring and realistically tragic way. I regard this book as one of the best. Of all of the books this one is individual. I would read it again. And again.

  7. Chloe Jewell says:

    Hunger games: Mockingjay review

    This book is very interesting and intriguing, it pulls you in from page one. It is set in the future and is based around a futuristic war, it shows how propaganda can sway people into doing inhuman things, it also follows on from the other two books in the series very well and doesn’t have a big jump like other book series tend to have. Every page made me want to read on and there was not a dull moment in the book. It was very detailed and that made it easy to picture in my head. I didn’t want to put it down and in fact I finished it in two days which must be a good thing. Sadly there are a lot of names in this book at the beginning and can sometimes get a little bit confusing but you soon find out who the main characters are and that makes it a little bit easier to understand. It still keeps the love triangle from book 1 and 2 but the main plot is the war that Katniss has been dragged into. There are volunteer soldiers who risked their lives and ended up killing off one of the main character which was just one of the plot twists.

    Overall I think this is a very good book and everyone should read it.

  8. Sadia faruk says:

    Book- The Book Thief
    Author- Markus Zusak

    ‘I didn’t read The Book Thief – I lived in The Book Thief’ – TheGuardian

    The Book Thief is the story of a German girl named Liesel Meminger, who endures the dreadful torture of Hitler’s reign, and how she faces so many tragedies at such a tender age during World War II; misfortune, curiosity and romance follows Liesel every step of the way. . It is narrated by Death, who gives an intriguing perspective of Liesel’s life, overfills the book with thought-provoking quotes that inspire and intimidate us. I instantaneously fell in love with this book because it didn’t feel like I was just reading the book but the language and emotion made me feel like I was living in the book- it was incredible. The book is written in such a way it perceives my mind and made me have the impression that I had Liesel’s fate in my hands.

    Liesel is fostered by the Hubermanns, who are an interesting couple because they love each other but have a humorous way of portraying it; the couple live on Himmel Street. It is there where she meets Rudy Steiner, her soon to be best friend and accomplice in mischief. A Jew named Max Vandenburg is taken into hiding by the Hubermanns, and this is where Liesel’s life changes. She is no longer a little girl, but now she has to grow up and be alert, secretive, and careful. Otherwise, Max and her family will face serious jeopardy. Words comfort Liesel – she spills them out into her diary, and writes them up in book after book.

    I felt Liesel’s emotions, her anger, frustration, love, confusion and sorrow. I saw Rudy’s lemon-coloured hair, and I smiled back at his eager grin. I smelt the paint and tobacco lingering on Hans Hubermann’s clothes, and I missed it when it wasn’t there. And I heard the voice of Death narrating the story, right from the very beginning.

    The end of The Book Thief left me in tears. It was so beautiful, moving and emotional, and it left me convinced that I had read one of the best books I would ever read in my life. The writer, Markus Zusak, led me on a journey that you can only experience in the most wonderful books. And, as Max Vandenburg so rightly said, “you’re full of wonders”.

  9. Darcy Hart says:

    My Book Review
    Title: Twilight
    Author: Stephenie Meyer
    I read Twilight a few months ago for the second time as it is probably one of my favourites. Stephenie Meyer portrays the feelings that the main character sixteen year old Bella Swan is experiencing excellently, and writes so that other teenagers understand Bella’s emotions.
    The story begins with Bella about to leave Phoenix, Arizona, where she mostly had grown up. She is off to stay with her dad, Charlie, in Forks, Washington, probably one of the most dark, gloomiest town in the United States of America, as her mum, Renee has a new husband, Phil, who she will be going on a road trip with. (Bella’s parents split up when she was a young child). After arriving at Forks, all of Bella’s childhood memories come flooding back as she visited this small town regularly when she was younger. Bella soon faces a lot of challenges however when she attends Forks High School and meets a peculiar family named the Cullens. She takes a particular interest to one of the young boys, Edward, and soon discovers his dark secret and identity. The Cullens are a family of vampires!
    Bella grows fond of this strange family, and begins to get closer and closer to them, especially Edward. Though, she doesn’t realize that she is risking her life and others by spending time with them. The lives of vampires are much different to those of humans and every step she takes, the more she is put in the danger as her blood is irresistible to Edward and it is incredibly hard for him to not end up killing her. However, he loves her too much and cannot afford to lose her. Read this book to find out the all sorts of adventures and challenges that approach Bella and Edward and how they will overcome them. The events can be exciting, romantic, thrilling and with a hint of danger, you’ll be on the edge of your seat! Have endless enjoyment and expect the unexpected…
    By Darcy Hart 8Flete

  10. Menna Elbeltagi says:

    Dead silent book review:

    The book Dead silent is a very good and detailed book. I enjoyed this book because it took me on a roller coaster which made me enjoy the adventure and mystery even more. I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary from this book. It is a crime book which makes it even better. Its story line makes you wonder who is guilty. This novel makes you suspect who could be guilty but there is a very big chance that you are wrong. The blurb of Dead silent gives you a brief look over on what the story is all about. The blurb also gives you a little trick which will trick you whether you like it or not. The story is sad and very moving in the murder scenes. The murder scenes will scare you a little bit if you are scared of the dark or have a paranoid mind. The storyline also makes you wonder whether you can trust anyone of the characters. So it gives you an idea on how to not trust anyone who surrounds you. There are mysterious people who keep all their secrets to themselves in this book which makes you suspect them even more. If you like crime or horror then read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Francesca Elliott says:

    United we spy by ally Carter book review

    United we spy is the last book in ally carters spy series, this book is an adventure filled book with many twists and surprises along the way.
    In my opinion this book is definitely the best of them all as it finally wraps up and answers all those questions you have wanted to know through the whole series. I would definitely recommend this book for children of 12 years and older as like the harry potter books they do get darker and more serious as the series goes on.
    The main character Cammie Morgan is a strong and intelligent girl who goes to Gallagher academy (an elite spy school), but as a group of evil spies (the circle) start making plans that could change her country forever her and her friends must go on a mission to stop all this and find these seven spies that could ruin her country and create war.
    I enjoyed this book all the way through and could not put it down as it was such a mysterious and gripping story.it is best to read all the previous books before this one as it wouldn’t make sense because there is such a big storyline.
    At the end of this book it answers all your questions apart from some small details which leaves you hanging at the end it doesn’t give great detail of what Cammie, her friends (Macey, Bex and Liz ) and her boyfriend(Zach) do after they have left school and what happens after cammie mum and her teacher(Joe Solomon) decide to get married which doesn’t quite make sense as Joe was Cammie’s dads best friend (who sadly died on a spy mission)
    Overall though I would highly recommend this book and would give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 as I thoroughly enjoyed this book

  12. ? says:

    The Hobbit Book Review


    It all starts at the knock of a door, a very small door. A hobbit door. The hobbit, despite his size, has been chosen to go on a very dangerous trip to gather the dragon’s gold. Soon, the trip turns into an adventure with too many obstacles to avoid. Danger is surrounding them at all moments.


    The hobbit, brilliantly written by J.R.R Tolkien, is a mind-blowing, action-packed adventure story. Every moment is gripping, whether in dilemma, funeral or battle, Tolkien writes in a way that is remembered. He describes advents with a passion that brings the book to life. His vocabulary is advanced and chapters can be quite frightening at times making it a better read for older children and adults. Tolkien is also the author of the incredible Lord of the Rings trilogy that also starres Bilbo Baggins and Gollum.

    The hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, brings a world of imagination to the fantasy of the book. Typically small Bilbo proves that height does not matter as he strides for miles on his mission, defeating many kinds of creatures and risking his life in order to save others. One of the most tense situations that Bilbo experiences, is his time with Gollum. Alien-looking Gollum intimidates Bilbo waiting for a chance to eat him; Bilbo is determined to escape his grasp…


    This is a book that takes the reader into its pages and never lets go. Emotions hit you with panic and surprise, making it a very gripping read. This book, written very well, has quite a slow start but once you get through the first chapter or so, then the book will not leave your hands. Overall, this is an outstanding read for people aged eight and beyond.

  13. Emma Liardet says:

    Catcher in the Rye – Review

    ‘Catcher in the Rye’ is one of those books which is oddly fascinating and captivating, but at the same time controversial, with a simple, yet compelling story line. Even though the book was intended for adults, and was written in the 1950’s, it addresses many modern-day teenage issues such as: alienation, loss, and failure. Holden Caulfield – the main protagonist and narrator – directly addresses you (the reader) and shares his adolescence, three day period story, filled with contentious and thought-provoking themes. The story begins with Holden at his school, Pencey Prep, which he describes as distinguished, but full of ‘phonies’. Holden is immediately portrayed as a flunking, lazy and blasé coming of age teenager. Not surprisingly, he gets expelled and is not to return after the Christmas break, however Holden packs his bags and decides he’s already had enough of Pencey and catches a train to New York City; where he plans to stay until Wednesday. He checks into a hotel and begins his adventure, centred mainly around morality. As the story goes on, we slowly peel away the layers of Holden’s life, emotions and innocence. We also get to take a glance at the present, where there is an understandable, yet unforeseen twist which will leave you wanting more and more pages to read. The most remarkable aspect of ‘Catcher in the Rye’ is the astonishing connection the reader develops with the main character. The use of slang and no-holding-back personal content makes you believe you are in Holden Caulfield’s unfathomable mind. Undoubtedly, this is a book to read.

  14. ;) says:

    A Dinner Of Herbs By Catherine Cookson Book Review

    A Dinner Of Herbs is one of Catherine Cookson’s best books. It spans the first half of the nineteenth century and follows the lives of Mary Ellen Lee, Hal Roystan and Roddy Greenbank from when they are children to when they have grandchildren as hate turns to love and love to hate in a story of hatred and revenge! It is set in Northumberland, England and as I have found with many other books written by Catherine Cookson, it seems to last lifetimes (probably because it does actually span people’s entire lifetimes) and really brings out the emotions in the reader. Find out what happens when Roddy Greenbank is brought by his father to the remote Northumberland community of Langley in the autumn of 1807. Within hours of their arrival the father has met a violent death and Roddy is left with no memory of his past life. He is then adopted and raised by old Kate Makepeace, finding his closest companions to be Mary Ellen Lee and Hal Roystan, who later find themselves in the centre of a legacy of hatred. You could find yourself anticipating what’s to come or on the verge of tears! This book has something for everyone including everything from romance and friendship to action and murders! It’s probably a better read for teenage girls as boys don’t tend to like lots of romance and anyone under 12 might find it slightly inappropriate. It’s an enthralling read with lots of twists and surprises that will leave you craving more and is very enjoyable for anyone over 12 who is likes to discover the twists and romance, including adults.

  15. ? says:

    Written in the stars
    By Ali Harris

    It all starts with a wedding that turned into a disaster. Slipping and falling over whilst walking down the aisle, Bea Bishop is temporarily knocked unconscious and her world splits in two. Unaware, she starts living two unconnected parallel lives which take her on two extremely unalike journeys. In one she makes a joke, gets back up and continued to proceed down the aisle towards Adam, as planned. In the other, she turns around and flees back down the aisle and out of the church. Bea lives two different lives; which will be her happy ever after?

    I’ve read this book a few times and it is by far my favourite book to date. I felt that all of the emotions were conducted really well and you could feel them yourself. It was easy to put yourself in her shoes. It almost felt like I was in the book. The book is very moving and emotional yet funny and enjoyable at the same time. At points this book had me in tears and in others it had me in fits of laughter. I honestly think this book is remarkable and is suitable for a teenage girl/ woman that loves stories about relationships and real life. If you’ve ever wandered ‘What if…?’, what if you’d taken that job, told that person how you feel then you’d really enjoy this. Ali Harris has really shown off her talent-writing two stories in one can’t be simple.

    With an astounding story line and an amazing story throughout, this book really does deserve a 5-star-rating. I picked it up thinking it would be an okay book just to read on the airoplane but I was bewildered by the reality. Ali Harris has really written ‘something else’ and it really deserves to be remembered as ‘one of the most tremendous books ever’.

  16. Georgina Bacon says:

    War Horse book review.
    War horse is a dramatic war time story written by the great Michael Morpurgo. I had high hopes for this book as I do enjoy his stories. After reading the first page I could tell it was going to be an emotional ride. I read this book for the first time around two years ago, but then had to read it again a couple of weeks ago too just so I could also remember this beautiful story. War horse is most definitely a poignant story.
    Based on a true story, Albert is a young fifteen year old boy who ends up with a horse which is meant for ploughing fields thanks to his drunken Farther and the auction he attended to. This horse was not one meant for ploughing; its skinny bones and little strength made it seem more like a show horse. Non-judgemental Albert Absolutely falls in love with the horse and names him Joey, their friendship could only becomes stronger between Albert and Joey. Living in a farm in the Great British countryside with no neighbours means it’s hard to make friends for Albert, so I am sure you can feel the excitement of having a friend beside you. Suddenly news of world war one appears and Joey is going away to help transport the soldiers to place to place. Joey and Albert are apart when Albert takes drastic action to save his beloved best friend Joey.
    This story was one of the most emotional experiences I have ever been through with a book. You are constantly thrown between many emotions yet keeps’ you on your toes. I couldn’t put the book down. The relationship between Joey and Albert was so different yet so perfect. This book wasn’t just a perfect story but historical too. I love history it is one of my most loved lessons at school, the fact I could enjoy this story and get facts about world war one in it also, just seemed absolutely great. It gave me such an insight into what it was like in the trenches but also how men thought about going to fight for their country seemed so fascinating. I could read this book over and over again and never get bored or this engaging story. It suits to mainly teenagers above, as there is some extremely emotional chapters in it.

    Outstanding story, one of the best books I have ever chosen to read. Emotional roller coaster and still has historical fact within it.

  17. Me before you is a gripping novel; that will have you clinging on for more.
    After a tragic motorbike accident two years ago, Will Traynor has given up on life and gave his mother 3 months before he decides to end it. Out of desperation, Will’s mother decides to hire Louisa (Lou) Clark, a 26-year-old, bubbly person who doesn’t have many ambitions. But who is sure that her 9 year relationship with her boyfriend Patrick is soon going to end.Camilla (Will’s mother) doesn’t want Louisa to be a nurse; she wants Louisa to be the reason that will decides to live. Indeed, the whole venture gets off to a bad start when Will welcomes her with his best Christy Brown impression. But the two come to love each other, but how will it end?

    When I finished the book, I stopped for a while and really absorbed the different kind of emotions that this book was hurling at you. Jojo Moyes, the incredible author who wrote this very expressive melodrama, knows very well that “me before you” – a book that’s quite popular in the best-selling list. – is a book that you will shed tears over, because the pages are worth it. Moyes has really shown that this is a love story for this generation as she brings two people who have nothing in common together. Despite some obviousness in the storyline, this is uplifting piece of creative writing at its best, with a collection of great characters that have to make difficult choices.

  18. ..? says:

    My review:
    My favourite book honestly has to be The Fault in our stars. It was written by the amazing write John Green who has also written many other great books e.g Paper towns, Looking for Alaska and Let it snow.
    The book is about a teenage girl who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and has to attend a support group which many other people with illnesses attend. During one of the support group meetings, Hazel grace Lancatser and Augustus Waters bump into each other. Augusts has Osetosarcoma in his leg, although Augustus is here along side his friend Isaac. Not long after the group meeting Hazel and August became a couple.

    As she struggles for her love for Augustus and her death Hazel suffers with an episode of pleural effusion and gets sent to intensive care. After Hazel finally recovers they both go on an adventure to Ansterdam to find the author of an imperial affliction (Van Houston)

    On there way back home Augustus’ health worsens and he ends up in ICU for a few days, in his final days Augusts invites his friend Isaac and Hazel to his ‘pre-funeral’ Unfortunately, a few days after this Augusts sadly passes away. At the funeral Hazel is astonished to find Van hostons arrival.

    I would rate this book 4 stars and i would definitely recommend this book as it mixes with you emotions, it can make you laugh, make you cry all at the same time. I think this book is suitable for teenagers or any age older! Its an amazing book and i love it!

  19. Aimee Shaw says:

    Book Review
    (The Hunger Games)

    The Hunger Games follows the story of a young girl, Katniss Everdeen trying to survive the cruel circumstances that has become the world she lives in. Defending her little sister Prim by volunteering she had no idea of what lied ahead of her.

    Katniss knows that if she wants to see her family again that she will have to deal with being responsible for many deaths including the other tribute from District 12, Peeta Mellark. This makes it complicated for Katniss as she owes a favour to him as he showed her kindness when she was desperate to get food for her family.

    In this book Suzanne Collins has created a dystopian world that gets us hooked on how this game unfolds in front of us. This world that is created shocks us all with how it works: the killing of innocent children, the hatred shared between 12 entirely different sets of people including the people at the top in the Capitol.

    The first book is also a very captivating read and leaves the reading gripped and immediately wanting to read the second book to find out the fate of Katniss and Peeta. Katniss is portrayed as a strong and independent character who can solve her own problems. But her struggles with he affections between two boys must be the most realistic side of this book. Throughout the book Katiniss is inadvertently creating problems for herself and this causes many readers to doubt her trueness to herself. Suzanne Collins wanted the readers to be gripped from the beginning of the book right till the very end and it was efficacious in most cases

    I think this is a great with a very compelling story that is able to have the reader fascinated with the concept of this imaginary world.

  20. Rosa Morton says:

    Kavita Daswani

    A typical teenage girl book talking about boy issues and the general hard decisions throught teenage life. About an Indian family who move to Los Angeles for her father as he’s been offered his dream job. The typical 16 year old teenaged girl who has had a childhood sweetheart and later had classes him as “the love of her life” and they had engaged but after she’s been forced to move she gets the toughest decision of her life so far. Shalini and her sister Sangita had started a new school, which they thought would be full of new chances for a new start. Althlough it didn’t turn out quiet as they thought, Shalini felt as she was an outsider and like she didn’t fit in. Despite her first thoughts it didn’t stay that well for long she soon got involved within the school joining charity events,soon finding another boy and this is where her troubles arise.
    This book is a very surreal book which is trying to convey the typical troubles of a teenager, which in many cases can be relatable to female teenage audiences. Lovetorn is a very catching book which can get you hooked and also makes you want to read on. I would say the shonra of this book is romantic, but also has some twists of confusion. It shows the different paths and choices that girls can be put in and also with her family and her partnersfamily being so close its a tough decision as she promised her fiancé that she would be back but with the new boy in school she is stuck in what to do. This book also conveys how distance and being away from loved people can part your feelings and choices in life.
    I think this book is a really good book showing how hard it can be to decide during teenage years and how relatable it can be for girls who read it. I would reccomend this book to readers who like tough decisions and relatable events. This book is a great read and will keep you hooked I would defiantly reccomend it.

  21. Jemima Cameron says:

    The Peculiar life of a lonely postman book review – Jemima Cameron

    This is a small book about a young and seemingly innocent postman named Bilodo who has a secret. Every time he receives a personal, hand-written letter to deliver he will take it back to his apartment, steam it open, read it, photocopy it, file it, place the original copy back in its envelope and then deliver it to its rightful owner. Bilodo sees his little ‘hobby’ as his own personal soap opera because as a postman he gets letters from all sorts of different people writing to lovers, friends, children, siblings and parents, each with a different story to tell. One day Bilodo stumbles across some letters sent between a Mr Grandpre and Miss Segolene. Bilodo becomes so infatuated with these letters that he forgets about all of his other ‘personal soap operas’. Grandpre and Segolene write to each other in the form of haikus – Japanese poems in the formation 5, 7, 5. After a sort while Bilodo finds himself in love with Segolene. He keeps a photocopied copy of the photo she sent of herself to Grandpre by his bed and Bilodo dreams of her beautiful haikus and face every night. In an unpredicted twist Grandpre gets himself run-over whilst trying to post his latest poem to Segolene. Bilodo decides that this he chance to get more personal with Segolene so buys and moves into Grandpre’s old apartment. He masters the dead man’s handwriting and spends day after day studying the Japanese poetry form. Bilodo’s obsession with continuing this long-distance relationship becomes excessive and he locks himself in Grandpre’s apartment wears Grandpre’s clothes, eats the food Grandpre ate and forgets about basic hygiene and care. This book is so beautifully written and makes you want to write more letters. The ending of this book messed with my head and confused me so much that I had to re-read it. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading as this is defiantly my favourite book.

  22. Louise Lam says:

    Book: Gone
    Author: Michael Grant

    I was bored at the library the other week so I scanned the shelves for anything interesting and this was the first book that caught my attention with its neon yellow title and pages. I read the blurb and the first couple of sentences and immediately I knew I was going to love it. The blurb of this book is “suddenly it’s a world without adults and normal has crashed and burned. When life as you know it ends at 15, everything changes.”

    The main character, Sam Temple, is bored at school when his teacher mysteriously disappears. Without a word, just poofs out of the school. Everyone wonders where he went. They soon realise that everyone over the age of 15 disappears out of this place. When all of the students make a break for it, they see a massive opaque dome above them, trapping them like goldfish in a bowl. Not only this but it is soon some kids get special powers (e.g. Control gravity in an area, telekinetic powers, speed, invisibility etc.). Join Sam and his friends as they try to survive the hunger, the battles over power, trying to forget how many people have died already and who has murdered who over little things. With everyone trapped, ‘freaks’ on the loose and food running out what will happen to them? Escapism just doesn’t get better than this…

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes survival, supernatural and cliffhangers genres. I would also recommend the books that come after it as well (Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and Light).

  23. Lily says:

    “Hole book review”
    By Lily Moger
    Stanley Yelnats has been sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention centre for boys. But this isn’t your everyday summer camp, no. Every day they have to dig a hole, five feet deep and five feet wide. Camp Green Lake calls the place they dig a lake, but really it’s all dried up. It’s enormous, and it’s the perfect, tiring surface for digging holes. But nobody knows why until Stanley digs something other than dirt. Secrets and the camps dark history is revealed…
    “The first hole’s the worst. No, the second. Actually, the third.”
    Every day it seems to get harsher. But soon, although the days are searing hot and not a drop to their water bottles; the holes start becoming easier. Stanley Yelnats has been sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention centre for boys. But the boys at Camp Green Lake have to do an unusual thing. Every day they have to dig a hole, five feet deep and five feet wide. Camp Green Lake calls the place they dig a lake, but really it’s all dried up. It’s enormous, and it’s the perfect, tiring surface for digging holes.
    Stanley forms an odd group off friends over time. Some would call them friends, anyway. Stanley’s known as Caveman. Then there’s Armpit, X-Ray, Magnet, Squid, Zigzag and finally Zero. Peculiar, secretive, Zero. He hardly ever talks. Stanley’s desperate to figure him out. And soon enough, he gets the chance. Stanley get Zero are stuck together. On the verge of life or death.

  24. Lois Phillips says:

    This classic expresses the message that every aspect of life should be looked at in a positive way. It follows the protagonist, eleven-year old Pollyanna who does just this by playing the ‘glad game’. She goes to live with her stern Aunty Polly, where she faces many challenges, almost resulting in it being impossible to be glad. After she taught the game to everyone in Beldingsville, at last even Aunt polly forgot about her ‘duty’ and began to be glad too.

    After the death of both her parents, Pollyanna moved to Beldingsville. Aunt Polly felt obliged that it was her duty to take her in and help her grow. Aunt Polly attempted to teach her niece the right ways and necessities in order for her to have a good education, punishing her and giving her jobs. However Pollyanna could never be upset or annoyed, just glad. One day Pollyanna met ‘ The Man’ a lonesome one she thought, feeling bad she attempted to become friendly with him. After many chats about the weather, he finally opened up, shocking the whole town, especially Miss Polly who was severely outraged. After teaching the whole town about the ‘glad game’ Miss Polly finally let go of her dutiful ways and just started to be glad.

    Although this book is written for mainly younger children, I believe it is still suitable for all ages because it has an enduring moral. It makes a refreshing change to read something quaint and simple, but still gets you thinking at the same time.

  25. Rocio C says:

    Book Review
    Title: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
    Author: John Boyne
    The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a heart-breaking but truly inspiring story written by John Boyne featuring a young 9-year old German boy named Bruno. He is unfortunately mistaken for a Jew and ends up in a concentration camp.
    When Bruno and his family move to ‘Out-with’, he believes he’s moving to a peaceful mansion in Berlin, but he hasn’t the slightest idea that in reality they are moving to Auschwitz where his father is now the new Nazi Commandant of a prison camp…
    Soon, the young boy becomes frustrated at his parents’ comments advising him to steer clear from the back yard, and goes out to explore by himself. Meeting a boy named Shmuel, Bruno cannot comprehend why the boy is on the other side of a metal fence, or why he is wearing those unusual black and white pyjamas.
    Before long, Bruno’s mum has enough of living in the isolated house – she wants to move out once more. Bruno overhears this. He makes plans to visit his new friend one last time. A lice invasion spreads within ‘Out-with’ throughout the next week and Bruno’s head must be shaved. On the day he and Shmuel decide to meet, Shmuel provides him with some striped pyjamas in order to fit in with the other Jews. Crawling through the fence to the other side, the two boys intend to find Shmuel’s father who had inexplicably gone missing several days back without trace. The events that followed occurred very rapidly. At first everyone automatically thought they were going for their daily march, but were perplexed as they were led into an air-tight building – the concentration camp, which the Jews were utterly unaware of. That was the last anyone ever heard of the young boy Bruno.
    The story of the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas portrays a clear message of just how oblivious and naïve a young child can be, and how vile and malicious the Germans could be due to the simple fact that those innocent people were Jews. Mistaking Bruno for a Jew, clearly illustrates it doesn’t matter whether a person is of a different race/religion, has a different skin colour or culture, and that they should not be treated differently/judged because of this.
    I found the story tremendously emotional at times – the part where the ending was anticipated, in particular, nevertheless the book was exceptionally well-written and I’d undoubtedly recommend it to others in the future. Personally, I’d rate the Boy in the Striped pyjamas a 9/10 and would most certainly have a place in my list of top 10 books I’ve read so far.

  26. mltexpert says:

    For the past half term I have been reading the extremely popular book called The Maze Runner by James Dashner. This is the first book in the series of five incredible novels.

    Thomas wakes up in a mysterious elevator, not knowing who he is, where he is, why he is there, how he got there, when he got there and has no idea of what he’s about to experience in the world above the ground. He then arrives in the glade (a massive oblong-shaped area, in the center of a random maze), where he finds a group of about 50 teenage boys. He is very confused to see such a peculiar pack of boys, however, they are not surprised to see him. No one has any answers to explain what happened to them all and why they are there. Thomas quickly learns about the complicated, conquering maze, how the four doors on each side of the glade close at night, protecting the residents from the monstrous creatures called the Grievers. The maze changes every night, unleashing new paths to memorize and leaving no trace of an exit. All of the Gladers know all too well that they will never be released into the incomprehensible world that they have wished to flee to since the moment they arrived in the glade. Thomas desires to be a runner, to destroy the unbeatable hell that they are forced be kept in.

    To the other gladers, Thomas is a threat towards them, they fear him and try to get rid of him, but they are no match for Thomas’s undying wish to be a special runner and help everyone escape.
    As time goes by, everything starts to change. It’s unsettling to say the least. The typical parts of the everyday routine in the glade changes for the worst, the doors don’t close, luring the Grievers in to leave the Glade to ruins. However after this, the gladers find a prominent way out, drawing them into the world outside of the maze.

    I could read this novel over and over again, and I’d never get tired of it. To me, what makes this book so exceptional is the fact that you get completely sucked into their world, you feel every emotion with the other characters and the surprising plot twists make it so interesting that you can’t put the book down, because of this, it only took me about 2 days to finish reading this story. It explains everything in so much detail and in my opinion, there is no way in which someone can’t not like this breathtaking story, because it leaves you in so much suspense by the end of each chapter, which forces you to keep reading to find out what happens next. It is truly one of the best books I have read in a long time.

  27. Reading racer says:

    The book that I am reviewing is going to be Girl online: on tour. The book was written by Zoe Sugg (zoella). Zoe Sugg is a youtuber who also writes blogs, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This is her second book that has been published; the first one was girl online. I started reading this book because of girl online; also as it was a recommendation from a few friends. I would say this book can be romantic but it’s also very drama filled. The age group would be around 11-16.

    In girl online: on tour, there is a girl called Penny, she is just an average 16 year old that lives in Brighton. But, she has a boyfriend. This would be pretty normal if he wasn’t Noah Flynn, a famous singer + songwriter. The only problem is he lives in the USA. They find it hard to see each other face to face. But when Penny has finished year 10 and is starting her summer holidays, he invites her for 3 weeks to go on his European tour with him. Her parents allow her but can she deal with her anxiety and panic attacks? Can she deal with all the Drama? But most of all, will she cope with not seeing her family and her best friend Elliot?

    Without giving too much away, that is the basic plot line. I really enjoyed this book so much that it only took me a day or two to read it. I really enjoyed it because of all the drama. I didn’t really have a favourite part, it was all really good. But if I had to choose a part it would be when Penny faced her fears and confronted Dean (You’d get it if you’ve read the book). I would highly recommend this book.

  28. imacpherson14 says:

    Silver Linings Play book review

    All Pat Peoples really wants to do is get out of “the bad place” and turn his life around to regain all the trust he lost.
    In the book silver linings play book Pat learns the hard way that life doesn’t always go according to plan. After a while in “the bad place” pat lives with his parents. He’s trying to turn his life around by staying fit, being nice and always looking for the silver linings, hence the name silver linings play book. Most importantly of all pat wants to see his wife again but finds it very difficult to accept the truth and adjust to live outside “the bad place”. His dad is ashamed but pat still wonders, if it will ever work out? When he finally realises the changes he becomes friend with a girl called tiffany, a very gripping and unusual friendship happens. However the big secrets everyone is trying to hide from him come out and threatens to ruin all the progress pat makes.

    I recommend this book for year 8 and over because there are some parts which be too hard for younger years to understand.
    I really enjoyed this book because even when he’s going about his day to day life something really interesting happens and we get to know what in his head. However most importantly throughout the whole thing we are left wondering will Pat ever find his silver lining?

  29. Helen Seymour says:

    The Maze Runner > James Dashner

    How would you feel if you were dropped into the middle of a huge maze, will no recollection of any memories of your life; you could only remember your name.
    This is what happened to Thomas.
    The book is written by James Dashner and is the first of a saga. The book begins with Thomas suddenly waking up to find himself in a dark, metal lift. His journey in the rising room lasts about half an hour and then the lift stops. He hears voices. Suddenly, the lift door is opened and about 40 boys stood crowding the doorway. He gets helped up into a huge field (which he eventually comes to know as ‘The Glade’).
    Thomas begins to learn that for three years now, boys have been rising in that lift monthly. Only certain carefully selected ‘Runners’ are allowed to go out each day and explore the maze, trying to find an exit. This is because of the dangerous genetically altered creatures out there called ‘Grievers’.
    As soon as Thomas comes to the maze, everything starts to change. The maze’s walls won’t close at night, leaving the Gladers victim to the Grievers, supplies stop coming in the lift weekly, the sun seems to have switched off, and a girl comes up. A girl. Teresa. Never, in the whole three years of the Glade, with the monthly male arrivals, has there ever been a girl. Thomas makes friends and enemies in the Glade as he and Teresa try to figure out a way to get back to the outside world, with each day more dangerous than the last.
    This book was thrilling from the very first sentence because the writer begins the first chapter with a pronoun (he). It leaves you wondering who ’he’ is and what ‘he’ is going to do. It is perfect for readers that like futuristic books with a dystopian twist, lots of action and danger. I would highly recommend it as it had my attention arrested all the way through. I could never guess what was going to happen next.

  30. Rosie Silk says:

    Rosie Silk
    Book Review
    Startled by his furry shorts… By Louise Rennison
    So, have you ever been startled by a pair of furry shorts? Well, Georgia Nicolson from, Startled by his furry shorts, certainly has! Georgia Nicolson is a girl growing up in a seaside town that has many girl problems and struggles to try and keep up with. She lives with her mum and dad, the two most embarrassing parents ever, and her little sister Libby, the most annoying little sister in the world! Don’t forget her car Angus as well though! Georgia has some pretty cool friends also, the Ace Gang, made up of five girls including Jas who is Georgia’s ultimate best friend and they are all out on the hunt for trouble. There is one particular character in this book that causes a huge fuss in girl world. He is Masimo! He is an Italian boy that all the girls drool over, even Wet Lindsay! He moved over from Italy and Georgia has a special connection with him but will Masimo go out with her? Well that is the whole question in the book! Go through Georgia’s struggles with her and sort ou the boys, frinds, relationships, and a whole lot of embarrassment by parents. So who is startled by furry shorts, well of course it is Georgia, subject to seeing her dad in furry shorts!
    I think this book funny and very gripping from the first sentence, it will real you in quickly. Concurrently as well as keeping you on edge, wondering what will happen next, it’ll make you laugh out loud! It is truly hilarious from the first chapter to the last and completely flows out memorable quotes and extreme real life situations for everybody to relate to.
    At the stage I am in this book, I have reached a plot twist where Masimo makes a decision to keep his relationship with Georgia as just friends, but will he actually keep to that after the second major plot twist, you will have to find out!
    I would highly recommend this boom for 12-15 year olds as there are concepts that younger people might not understand such as relationships and there is harder vocabulary in it. I would say that this book is for people who like a good romantic comedy or comedy but I don’t think action or mystery lovers will enjoy this book I much as I have, but otherwise this is a truly brilliant book!

  31. kbenny14 says:

    Frankenstein: The graphic novel

    An exotic and thrilling version of Mary Shelley’s original gothic horror novel, Frankenstein: The graphic novel is an enjoyable and advanced read. Challenging in some places, there is the right mixture of text and illustrations. The text derives from the original book, but the read is comfortable and exiting. The beautiful graphics just add to the effect.
    The story is set in Europe and begins with an early 19th century scientist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who lives at the dawn of science and technology has become obsessed with making a human life. But for himself, his friends and his family, his creation has turned into a nightmare.
    As stated above, the novel includes original text and thus can be tough is some places so I would recommend this to the ages of about 11 upwards. But, because of the drawings this story is a much easier and still entertaining read.
    I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone, even if they aren’t fans of Gothic Horror. I would certainly recommend it to any Action and Adventure or Thriller fans, as well as anyone who struggled or couldn’t finish the original text.

  32. bea says:

    Wave me goodbye

    Wave me goodbye is a very gripping book, book written by Ruby Jackson, including many short stories during the war. These short stories are written mostly concentrating on the wives of soldiers, going or gone to war II. Each and every story is individual in its own way and has a particular twist in it which really made me enjoy the book.
    The book was physically very appealing in my opinion- the only reason I picked it up. The front cover was very emotional, with two women waving goodbye to their husbands on the train. The picture was perfect for the book and almost summed up the book in one picture.
    This book was filled with many touching stories from the WW2. Seeing as they were not adventurous or magical, they would probably be appropriate for anyone 11 or above. However, younger people may enjoy it if they are particularly interested in history. I also think in most cases, women should probably enjoy this book more as it is entirely focused on women’s trouble and lives during WW2.
    There was one short story I enjoyed most of all the others. It talks about a lady called Maureen who is preparing for her husband to leave in one week. She is very emotional, until he has to go. When she finally says goodbye to him, she is at ease knowing she won’t have to say goodbye to him again. However a few hours later she receives a call from her husband. He tells her he is coming home as there has been a problem with the trains and his leave has been postponed until next week. AS you can imagine, Maureen is thrilled and devastated at the same time. She can’t stand saying goodbye again; however she can be with him one more week. This is just one of the examples of the amazing twists put into the stories and how emotional they can be.

    One of Ruby Jacksons many books, ‘Wave me Goodbye’ is a highly recommended book. The language used in this book is quite old and complex, which I why I think it is more appropriate for older readers. Other than the language it is a quite enjoyable read. I really enjoyed it.

  33. mrussell14 says:

    Book review of ‘the scrapbook of my life’ by Alfie Deyes:

    ‘Hey guys, I’m Alfie and welcome to The Scrapbook of My Life!’ Alfie Deyes is a 22 year old YouTuber otherwise known as PointlessBlog who I enjoy watching. Recently he released his third book ‘The Scrapbook of My Life.’ It is about growing up and how he managed to become a YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers. You would find this book inspiring because Alfie managed to become successful and happy from doing what he loved. As he expresses with his favourite quote ‘do more of what makes you happy’ this is written on the back of his book. I think you would like this book if; you watched YouTube, are interested in Alfie’s life, you are interested in how people can make money from making videos or if you want to find out how people become YouTubers. The tone of Alfie’s book is friendly and chatty. It is written in a text that looks like handwriting and has lots of pictures to give it a scrapbook affect. It also includes space to fill in about your own life and add pictures. This book also includes an app where you can see more pictures of him growing up and watch videos of him. This makes the book more engaging. Therefore, I think you should go and pick up this book it won’t take long to and will help you to learn about a new topic you might not know or have heard.

  34. Anna says:

    Hope in a ballet shoe-Michaela and Elaine de Prince
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an amazing ballet dancer? How that particular person got to where they are now. This breath taking book answers all these questions and more. But, before you turn away in disgust, I just want to say that this book, no matter if you like ballet or not, touches your heart with its painfully accurate account of a young girls journey from war torn Africa to America with her best friend. It tells you of the hardship of starting afresh, the struggle against racist views and the fight to do what she loved to do. These problems made worse by a skin pigment disease called Vitigo, causing her to have white spots on her neck and body.
    It engages the reader in a way no book has ever done, worming its way inside your head and staying there. From the start it’s there in your head and you just keep reading, wanting to know what happens, what new hardships and struggles are faced, if she’ll overcome them and achieve her lifelong dream or fall short of the mark and not get back up again. It’s a book you can pick up and read time and time again; inspiring you to do what you want to do and what you never believed you could do. To overcome all the odds and to PROVE THEM WRONG. It shows that the seemingly impossible is possible with hope.

    The title, “hope in a ballet shoe2 explains what the whole book is about. It’s saying that whatever shape or form hope and salvation come in take them use them and become a better person because of them. As Winston Churchill says, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” This could just be Michaela de Prince catch-phrase as she has been through numerous hells and kept going.
    Personally, I picked up this book because I love dance and ballet and by the first page I was hooked. I read it in one day and my parents got seriously annoyed at me for not doing what they asked. Opps! Seriously though, read it, treasure it and keep it in your heart for ever.

  35. Lucy R says:

    Flawless by Sara Shepard

    Coming from someone who doesn’t usually pick up a book on a regular basis, I found this book extremely gripping and exciting to read. Although, contrastingly I found some parts in chapter 3 confusing however in my opinion that is what made the book interesting as I was continuously asking myself what effect is this going to have on the other characters as well as wondering as to what would happen next. I found this made me become more of an active reader; therefore I enjoyed the book a lot more.

    This book came from the Pretty Little Liars series and I believe is the second one out of 10. The four main characters: Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily are all in high school and from what I gathered are a similar age to me; therefore I found the book quite relatable creating a more pleasurable read. Nevertheless, one or two chapters were quite pessimistic which introduced me to a more challenging read, regardless yourself as well as myself will sure find the book quite appeasing.

    As well as all of the juicy drama and gossip, the basic plot outline is that a few years ago, one of the prime members of the girl’s friendship group, Alison – the typical American, popular, blonde haired girl – goes missing. In this book the girls receive threatening and sly texts from someone who goes by the name A, with many unexpected twists and turns!

    If you love drama, romance and excitement then this book will be the one for you!

  36. Phoebe Turner says:

    Scorpia-Anthony Horowitz
    by Phoebe Turner
    “Go to Venice, find Scorpia and you will find your destiny.”
    A young school boy, aged fourteen, lives in London with his housekeeper, Jack Starbright.
    His name: Alex Rider
    His job: Works for MI6 as a spy against his will.
    Scorpia is the 5th book in the Alex Rider series. It is set mainly in Venice, Italy and London, England. Alex is on a school trip to Venice but remembers what he was told by an assassin in previous books who worked with his father and nearly killed him many times, and he goes to find Scorpia and his destiny. However people get in his way and most of Londons population nearly faces death… by the invisible sword.
    Scorpia is a gripping and action filled novel written by Anthony Horowitz, suited by an age range of mostly 10-15 year olds, although thrilling for everyone. Recommended for readers who find action and spies appealing.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia Ahern

    Joyce Conway knows about tiny cobbled streets in Paris, that she has never visited. She knows about the architecture of buildings in Dublin, but she never studied art. Joyce is a mid-thirties woman who after a terrible accident keeps getting the sense of de-ja vu. It gets weirder, she dreams about a little blonde girl every night, but she has no idea where she came from. Similarly, Justin Hitchcock, a well-educated American professor is lecturing students at the Trinity College in Dublin and somehow recognises Joyce, but no idea where from…

    Once you know the context and a bit of background information, this book is very easy to get into and becomes gradually more and more interesting as Joyce and Justin’s experiences get weirder as the book goes on. I would recommend this book to anyone who is quite sceptic to make them believe in it or if you are superstitious to justify your reasons of believing. As the events happen, it can become a bit spooky because they may have known each other from a past life.

    This book is for anyone in secondary school because with the weird-goings on, it can be a bit hard at times to follow. However I would recommend this book because it is really good!

  38. Annaliese Wright says:

    61 Hours-Lee Child

    61 HOURS written by Lee Child is a thrilling book full of non-stop action, great for adults and children who love the rush of delving into a book and facing danger and excitement.
    Here is a short extract from the beginning of the book:

    Reacher woke up when the momentum of the skid smashed his head against the window. He knew where he was instantly. On a bus. He spent the next split second calculating the odds. Snow, ice, reasonable speed, not much traffic. We’re either going to hit the divider or fall off the shoulder. Worst case we’re going to tip over. Ok for him, maybe not so good for the old folks in front of him. But probably survivable. He was more worried about the aftermath. Twenty old people, shaken up, maybe injured, cuts, bruises, broken bones, stranded miles from anywhere in a gathering winter storm.
    Not good.

    Action. Gripping isn’t it? But what do you think will happen now, will the bus tip over? Will Reacher make it out alive?

    I have not yet finished this book but so far it has been an extremely engaging and a thrilling read. I would rate this book:
    * * * * *
    Annaliese Wright

  39. Connie Thomas says:

    Book review on ‘Remember me?’ by Sophie Kinsella
    Sophie Kinsella gives an optimistic and comedic view on a very challenging situation. ‘Remember me?’ is a gripping, life-like, story. 25 year old Lexi wakes up in hospital with amnesia. Within the last three years of her life, she’s become the boss of her department and she’s married to a handsome multi-millionaire but she can’t remember any of it. In addition, her colleagues hate her, her old boss is after her job and then a sexy guy turns up and gives her the biggest shock of her life. It has a bit of a complicated plot line as she doesn’t remember herself. She and everyone around her have completely changed and she finds things out that she doesn’t like and can’t except. Sophie Kinsella manages to tie together the stresses of family, work and love but put a humorous twist on it. As the reader, I could engage with all the pressure that Lexi could feel, yet I could not stop laughing. This book is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, it juggles anger, love, appreciation and hate which gives Lexi such a complex character. I had the book for about three days before I finished it, I just could not put it down.
    This book is perfect for any adult or teenager. For anyone who likes romance and comedy I would highly recommend this book!

  40. Erin says:

    Book Review On Invisible Girl By Kate Maryon
    Life was normal until Amy came along. . .
    Gabriella and her dad were happy until her dad gets a new girlfriend, Amy, who despises Gabriella. But Gabriella didn’t think it would go that far. Gabriella is abandoned and left all alone to go and live in Manchester with her violent mother, while her dad and Amy go and live abroad.
    Could you imagine your parents just leaving you?
    However, Gabriella doesn’t exactly follow the plan and finds herself lost in Manchester and living on the streets. . .

    I really enjoyed this book because you can really empathise with the main character, Gabriella. There are also a lot of unexpected plot twists so it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I wouldn’t normally read a book like this, as I usually like to read crime and thriller books, but I did really enjoy this book. This book is packed full of emotion and drama and I would recommend it to people who want a nice easy read as it isn’t that challenging to read. I would recommend this book to girls the age of 13-18 as it does talk about quite a few upsetting issues. I would give this book a 9 out of 10 because it is really good, however, it is quite an easy read.
    What will happen to Gabriella? Will she find her home?

  41. Emma says:

    Book Review-Paper towns

    Paper towns-doesn’t it make you wonder what are, well, paper towns. If you were to read this book you’d soon discover what is a paper town as Margo begins to explain how she lives in a paper town. This supposed paper town is filled with paper people, who in her eyes, are yet to realise that they only live once and therefore, should be having fun like breaking in to attractions instead of slaving away in offices for their whole lives. However, before this, Margo travels on a mischievous adventure with a new friend, who lives opposite Margo. His name? Quentin.

    During the first chapters (1-3), you may find it patronising to keep on reading, especially if you’re like me and don’t often have the motivation to read. You get introduced to the main character, who is also you’re narrator. He is portrayed as your average, American school boy so he has his small circle of close friends and his typical girl crush. The start of Paper towns is like scanning a yearbook, where they describe all the pupils in that particular year, some even awarded different titles like most likely to become famous, the class clown, the school bully, etc.

    The next couple of chapters are very engaging and that’s coming from someone, who finds it hard to find a book that does that. You are brought along a journey across their paper town, where Margo has her revenge against other people at her school with the help of the innocent Quentin. These chapters are where you’ll dive into Margo’s fascinating theories about paper towns and you’ll understand more about Margo.

    Unfortunately, I will not be the person who delves into the book anymore as I fear I will accidently pass on spoilers but for now, I am thoroughly enjoying this book and would definitely recommend giving this intriguing book a read.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
    ¿Will you be able to put it down?
    “You know when you shake a coke can and then you open it and it explodes everywhere? Well that is how I feel right now.” Penny has just started her anonymous blog, where she spills all her hidden truths and worries. Penny has anxiety nevertheless, unfortunately for her she is one of the clumsiest people you’ve ever met. Penny is additional very unlucky, she falls over everywhere, embarrasses herself but Worst of all falls in love on Holiday.
    Girl online is a teen drama that will pull at your heart strings and will make you smile from ear to ear. This book is enjoyable to read and hard to put down. There are no illustrations but it paints a very vivid picture in my mind
    Girl online is Zoella’s first book and I would highly recommend it, it is quite an easy read with not much complex language. It hooked me in right from the start and I read it in 3 days, I have not heard or read a bad word about it and I know all my friends have thoroughly enjoyed this book.
    I can’t personally relate because I don’t have anxiety, I’ve never fallen in love on holiday, and I’m not very unlucky. However I believe I understand anxiety a lot more and I feel it would be relatable to anyone with anxiety. Zoe Sugg has anxiety and she writes a very personal honest description about it, I believe as she has first-hand experience with anxiety she can describe anxiety with more feeling and emotion which is shown in her book.
    A sequel “Girl Online On Tour” is also now available!

  43. Lauren Stevenson says:

    “I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you”
    -By Ally Carter
    These series of books are engagingly amazing for all ages seeking a bit of romance, but the first of the series is by far the best. Not only is this book simply excellent, but is also inspiring towards the target audience to fight for what they believe in and their love for something or someone.
    My rating: * * * *
    This book tells the tales of a young teenage girl who is slightly struggling with growing up and the enigma code of boys. It does not help the fact that she is a spy in training, forbidden to leave her school and missing the biggest puzzle piece of her life. Her Dad. She is capable of killing and injuring many men, but is not ready for the battle field of love.
    On a secret mission of going undercover, a normal teenage boy noticed her when she was blending into the crowd. Scared he might find out the truth about her and her school’s legend, and overwhelmed that someone actually noticed her, she researches into and spies on his life, with the help of her friends. Little did she know that she would concurrently fall in love with him, whilst doing what she did best, lying. She lied about who and what she was.
    Will he find out?
    Will it stay a secret forever?
    Or will her past and future catch up to her?
    Find out by reading this exceptional book.

  44. Flo Harris says:

    The Scent of Blood – Tanya Landman

    ‘The Scent of Blood’ is the fifth book in the Poppy Fields series by Tanya Landman. I have read all of the series and I LOVE them! Poppy and her best friend Graham are first on the scene at a series of strange murders at the zoo and what they say was ‘not pretty’.

    ‘The Scent of Blood’ really hooked me in from the preface because, like in the beginning of all the other books, a murder had been committed. At the end of each book, it all linked together.

    Overall, there were a total of three murders at the zoo, and one in the preface, and Poppy and Graham had a very close encounter with the murderer. Throughout the book I had my suspicions on who the killer was but then was next of their hit list. I was completely thrown off the case but I was really happy at the end.

    Now, reading isn’t exactly my cup of tea but with these books, I couldn’t put them down! I started and finished 4 books (‘Dead Funny’, The Head is Dead’, ‘The Scent of Blood’ & ‘Certain Death’) over the past month and I have continued to read books 6,7&8 over these past 2 weeks.

    I really, really recommend this series if you are into easy-to-read crime books. These books aren’t long at all and they took me about two hours (non-stop) to read. I think that this is my favourite series of book ever! Tanya Landman is a truly talented author and her ideas are so awesome! Honestly, from me to you, read these books!!!
    Flo Harris

  45. silver eliot says:

    Book review of Slumdog Millionaire (or Q&A)- Vikas Swarup
    Ram Mohammed Thomas has been arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. They think he cheated on a quiz show. He is being tortured by the police, and soon he will sign the confession statement and his 9,000,000,000 rupees will be lost.
    He had been on a gameshow, who wants to win a billion? And got all the answers right. People assumed he’d cheated, how could he possibly know all those answers? He was just a dumb waiter who said he’d been lucky.
    The story follows Ram Mohammed Thomas’ life and where he learnt the answers. As the questions take different parts from his life it may be difficult to understand the order at first, but once you have finished the book everything fits together, giving you lots to think about.
    Personally this is one of my favourite books as it is gripping and believable. You fall in love with the characters and you feel their sadness and struggles. There is not a dull moment and every bit of the story fits into the puzzle. The book has lots of detail so you can visualise things easily. It is set across modern-day India, revealing the corruption, and following Ram’s fast paced adventure. The book has been translated into 34 languages and was published in 2005. The story is entertaining, fresh and original.
    I think this book is best suited to a teenage audience as it has some mature content and some scenes are disturbing and sad. It is a serious yet funny book, perfect for those with free weekend. A film has been made, but as always, the book is better. The film is a 15, and has a slightly different plot. I would recommend both the film and the book. The book is very well written, and definitely worth a read.

  46. Amelia says:

    Dreaming of Amelia book review
    Have you ever wondered what it is like to die? What happens next? A somewhat deep question to begin a book review, I know. By maybe, you just carry on with life- not living. Being like a strange form of human but not. Like a ghost, like Amelia.
    Dreaming of Amelia is a book that cannot be compared to any other. It’s a book with a highly unique form of writing style that I myself, have never come across before. Written through the disguised form of private school students, they interpret the story and the characters in it through different viewpoints throughout the book. The story is included through a series of essay entries, letters, meeting records, blogs and emails obsessing over two new pupils, riley, and Amelia.
    When I first picked this book up off the shelf, and began my reading journey, I was stunned. At first, having to re-read parts of the blurb and beginnings of the book to make sure that it matched the supposed story line because it seemed that the text was so disguised behind the characters that I could not make sense of what was being said. However, once I accepted the unusual style of writing choice, I began to really enjoy the plot line of the story.
    Amelia and Riley are transfer students to the highly valued Ashbury High- a posh private school for their final year. The whole story begins to unfurl through the opinions- both positive and negative- of high school students and teachers, revealing and developing on the two mysterious characters. Having not yet finished the book, I am still in the dark to some things on why Riley and Amelia are so secretive and unknown, but as I keep turning the pages, I have to decide what- amongst the disguised text, is significant and so gradually, the twisted, gripping novel is about.
    Every book has main characters, but with this book, it is a bit harder to figure out who is the most significant. It really depends on who you think it should be. Some say it’s Amelia herself, who doesn’t really reveal herself throughout the book other than her mad, das poems that occur throughout the book. Some will say it is Emily, Cassie and Lydia- three girls, best friends who appear regularly throughout the book, giving us their opinions on different events throughout the plot. It can be up to you.
    Overall, this book- written by Jacklyn Morriasy is a unique, puzzling story inspired by the gothic genre of writing. If you want a challenging, but rewarding text, then this one’s for you. I would recommend this book for the average age group of 12+ as it is quite a complex read which requires a lot of mind obstacles and workouts. If you are thinking of reading Dreaming Of Amelia, then I plead you- keep motivated! At the start it is quite difficult to begin a steady reading pace, as it is tedious and confusing, but once you proceed to the chapters after the first few, you are in for a treat1 Dreaming of Amelia- what’s it like to die?

  47. Ellie Lyons says:

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Jeff Kinney

    The day Gregory Heffley’s best friend made them plummet down the popularity list was by far the worst.

    Greg was just a normal teenager trying to get through middle school. His older brother was always tricking him and his younger brother was always getting him into trouble. All of that was about to change. They would all rue the day that Greg Heffley…..

    I love this series by Jeff Kinney! They are all so funny and this one, being the start of the series, is a really good way to get people laughing and want to read more! The book and the whole series are in the form of a diary, which is enjoyable, because they are very informal and easy to understand.

    I would say that the book is for slightly younger readers (probably aged 8-11) and it is good for any reader who likes to laugh. The book is really good for readers this age because it is meant to be the diary of someone of a similar age. This makes it more funny and relatable to the reader.

    The ending is very funny and I don’t think, from the start of the book, that you could predict it. I would give the book 5 stars!

  48. Josie Steel says:

    Book review
    Once. – Morris Gleitzman
    ‘Once I lay in a field somewhere in Poland,
    not sure if I’m alive or dead.’
    Once is a captivating heart renching book taken place during WW2 in Poland. Morris Gleitzman captivates the reader in a gripping yet unfortunate and inspiring tale about a Jewish boy named Felix. Felix is a young imaginative boy who is clueless to what is going on outside the walls of the isolated orphanage in the mountains. One day when Nazis turn up and burn all the books, Felix leaves to find his parents, who are Jewish bookshop owners. Oblivious to the genocide of the Jews, he goes on the journey to find his parents. Along his way he saves a girl from a burning house, and discovers who Adolf Hitler is and why everyone despises Jews.

    As you read ‘Once’ the pace quickens, you get intertwined in the intricate words and the world that Morris Gleitzman creates. The book will take you on a path that is long and upsetting. I think that this book is for slightly older readers, who are around 9+. I think that this book is useful as an introduction to how the war was for younger Jews at the time.

    There is many books in this series: Once, Then, Now, After and Soon. I would suggest reading the whole series in order.
    I would give these book 8/10 , and I defiantly recommend this book.

  49. Rose-Mahler Stokes says:

    A book review on
    ‘I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you’ by ally carter
    I give this book three stars ***
    Cammie Morgan seems just an ordinary teenage girl but really she is not.
    Her school Gallagher academy is a school for spies and at this school anything is possible.
    The first book of the Gallagher girl series ‘I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you’ is a brilliant start to such an amazing series. In the beginning, the main character Cammie Morgan feels invisible as though she could just disappear and so she is nicknamed Cammie the chameleon is respected for being so ‘invisible’. But this all changes when a new love interest ‘Josh Abrams’ notices her through the crowds on a fake cove-ops operation.
    Cammie is shocked by this boy’s sudden interest in her as she is not a diamond in the rough and seems just a normal girl. Love brews and soon develops into a relationship!
    If you love books about romance this is the book for you. Its all about the troubles of love and the choice between your career and your happiness. There are six more books to read so be sure to look out for them.

  50. Emily says:

    Book review on Desperate Measures by Laura Summers

    My rating: * * * * *

    Laura Summers is a very talented author and brings an adventurous book to life. The beginning of this gripping book is quite serious and informative of the characters, their family and the situation they are in. It begins to make you understand the characters and their emotions all the way throughout the book.

    The story then moves on to a part in the book where it gives you many ideas and predictions of what is going to happen. It is funny at times and touching at others but Summers makes the book intriguing consistently throughout this exciting adventure for Vicky, Rhianna and Jamie. They are all fostered together; Rhianna and Vicky are twins and Jamie is their ten year old brother. Rhianna has brain damage and when they are forced to temporarily move to another foster home, the social worker plans to put Rhi in a special school for people with brain damage. In the end, the three of them decide to run away to their great aunts and hide away from everyone. Forever. The end of the book has a positive outcome and an unexpected twist.

    I think that this book would be very suitable for people who like adventure, comedy and unexpected events. There is a lot of action and a happy ending for this loving trio.

  51. Tee says:

    Book review of Brunette Ambition- Lea Michele

    Brunette Ambition is a fascinating auto-biography written by a talented Broadway star as well as a featuring in the hit TV show, Glee, Lea Michele.
    This book is all about Lea Michele’s road to success; her approach to food, fashion, fitness and beauty, and how her health-centred, professional approach has empowered her rise from Broadway performer at the age of 8 to TV star, recording artist and now author at 27. Not only does this book inspire you to become an actor, it also encourages you to make the most of your life.
    Lea Michele’s life is explained in detail as well as giving advice in many ways. She includes her love for her family and friends, particularly her best friend Jonathon Groff, stories about previous shows she has starred in, such as Les Mis and Spring Awakening and her everyday rituals that keeps her as healthy and happy as possible.
    This is one of the best books I have read, and it only took me 3 days to finish it. Personally, I love musical theatre and Lea Michele is my inspiration, therefore I highly enjoyed reading this. I would recommend this book to girls from the age of 12, especially anyone that loves Glee, Broadway or drama in general.

  52. Davina says:

    Herbivorous dinosaurs- Triceratops from dinosaurs & friends

    Herbivorous dinosaurs- Triceratops is a nonfiction book which teaches young children more about these amazing creatures; it is aimed young children and I think that it is suitable for the age group that it is aimed at because of the easy-to-understand layout and the interesting illustrations however, some of the vocabulary is a bit challenging and confusing for young readers. The fun facts make it very gripping and inspiring for young readers and will get their imaginations going!

    My little sister’s favourite part was the quizzes which helped her remember more about the facts she had read and the fun and interesting story at the end of the book which is very imaginative and easy-to-read.

    I think that this is a very inspirational and interesting book for young readers; it educates them about dinosaurs from an early and it will keep them interested and entertained. This is only the first book from Dinosaurs and friends which is a magazine collection for young children and in most issue there is a book and toy.

  53. Leila says:

    Geek Girl
    By Holly Smale
    Geek Girl is about Harriet Manners, a ‘geek’, who is a 15 years old girl. Nat, her best friend wants to be a model. She forces Harriet to go on a shopping trip- where Harriet meets a model head-hunter, Wilbur, she hides under a table thinking Nat will mad at her for being spotted. Under the table she meets Nick! She then hides something big from her step-mum and her best friend. Will they find out? What will happen?
    Geek Girl is perfect for young teenage girls (11-14) who enjoy reading fun, crazy, girly, teenage stories.
    Main Character:
    Name- Harriet Manners
    Age- 15 years old
    Friends/Family- Dad, Step-Mum, Nat-best/only friend.
    Personality-Awkward, Quirky

    My personal thoughts on the book were that the book never got me grasped into the storyline; it was a good book however it was slightly boring and I was waiting for it to be over. I would rate it a 1.5/5. The cover of the book gripped me and had me believing I would love it however it took me over a year to get into it. I did however like the part where she was trying to make up with her step-mum and her best friend.

  54. msfmurphy says:


    By Christopher Paolini

    Eldest, by Christopher Paolini, is the second book in the Inheritance Cycle. The series contains 4 books; Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance. These books follow the main character, Eragon and Saphira (his dragon)’s journey as Rider and Dragon on their quest to kill Galbatorix, an enemy trying to destroy the Dragon Riders and conquer Alagaësia. Eragon must prepare for war, as Galbatorix expands his power and learn how to adapt from a 15 year old farm boy, into a legendary dragon rider. The books follow Eragon’s journey; a journey of adventure, magic, quests and battles.

    In Eldest, he has just defeated a warrior of Galbatorix, when the leader of the Varden suddenly dies, he has to be replaced. The Varden, like the government, chose his daughter, Nasuada. Nasuada was not prepared to become leader and has not trained. Eldest pledges to follow her orders but when she says that they are going to attack soon, he is unsure.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure/ quest books as this would definitely be a great book for anybody looking for one. It will also appeal to other genres, like fantasy and magic too, but it’s main focus is definitely on quests and adventure. I found this book full of excitement and adventure and sometimes, quite funny too. I enjoyed this book because I felt as though there was vivid description that engaged the reader, as well as keeping mystery in the book and keeping the reader interested. This book is full of challenges and quests every chapter and it really draws you into the book, never leaving you bored. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it and the rest of this series.

    (book review posted by FMY on behalf of ‘anonymous’ Year 8 student from 8E

  55. Jasmine 10H says:

    I read Lemony Snicket’s “who could that be at this hour” and it had a great mystery and terrific ending and I was kept on tenterhooks until the very end. Snicket used his trademark witty, sarcastic humour which made this an extremely enjoyable read.
    I also read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K.Rowling however I found the story to be bland and predictable; the new characters were not that interesting also the book/script not that a good a read despite the fact ghat I love the rest of the Harry Potter series. I was deeply disappointed in this book/script.

  56. Abi Pink says:

    Geek Girl
    By Holly Smale
    I have been reading through some of the book reviews on here and have found I am not the only girl who is extremely fond of this book. The main story is about a girl, Harriet Manners, who is a geek but doesn’t always like the geeky life. Harriet is faced with a tough decision to make when a big opportunity come up that could change her life forever.
    Harriet is a humble and well behaved character who doesn’t usually have an easy time at school. The school bully Alexa, who you will find out more about when you read the book, makes Harriet’s life a misery at school but soon this may become enough to break Harriet. Her best friend, Nat, plays a big part in Harriet’s life and at one point in the story leaves a big part missing. Toby is one of my favourite characters because of how sweet and kind her is but if he were in real life it would become a bit of a hassle being around him!!
    Children aged 10-14 would thoroughly enjoy this book especially if they are fans of some of my other favourite books Girl Online.
    This book is a book that you just have to read. It is funny interesting and dramatic. There are books that follow this one so be sure to check them out as well.
    Abi xx

  57. Vicky 7H says:

    Jolly Foul Play
    By Robin Stevns,

    This is book is part of a series called A Murder Most Unladylike and is the 4th one. I strongly reccommend this book to people aged 10-15 maybe, who like mystery. Jolly Foul Play is a book that will keep you reading longer than you planned as at each chapter there’s something you want to know straight away!
    Two girls, Daisy & Hazel return to the boarding school Deepdean for the next term. There’s a new Head Girl, Elizabeth Hurst and her team of prefects. These Big Girls are bullies who most people despise. On Bonfire Night, somebody is found murdered. You can probably guess who the victim was…..
    Both of the main characters (Daisy Wells & Hazel Wong) are excellent characters as they are both different and you can tell just how they are feeling, I think the book has been written very well and I strongly reccommend this book to everyone.
    Make sure you read the 3 before this one! The 5th book came out a little while ago called Mistletoe and Murder. If you read the book….enjoy!

  58. Elødie Smith says:

    “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is an amazing Sci-Fi adventure book set in the near future where America has become a blood-thirsty country that make children fight to the death in a large arena over the span of the week and broadcast this for 24 hours a day on TV for everyone to watch. In this book – the second in The Hunger Games series – Katniss Everdean (the winner of the games the year before) is chosen to be the female contestant for her district in that years games. She is the only possible female tribute, as the tributes were reaped from a bowl of the living winners from each district, and she was the only one left alive. She enters the arena with the same boy as she did the year before – Peter Melark – and things get a bit personal as they sacrifice their lives for each other and fall in love. In the end Katniss cheats the arena, sending it flying to pieces and breaking.

    My opinion of this book is that it hooks you in, each sentence is more suspense and it makes you want to continue reading. The final sentence of each chapter always ends excitingly, and it makes you want to go onto the next chapter. I think that this book is appropriate for teenagers age 12 to 18 as it is quite gory, but it seems to childish for an adult. The characters are all different and unique, this makes you wonder what they are going to do next, and new characters are always revealed, making the story thicker and increasing the plot, making it more catching and exciting…

  59. lulu lewis says:

    Harry Potter an the Deathly Hallows.

    The conclusion to the Harry Potter series is by far one of the best and well thought out- the cream of the crop I should say. It amazed me from beginning to end and it tied any loose ends from the previous books. This being my third re-read I was able to pay attention to the attention and detail JK Rowling put into it. As I said cream of the crop, lets dig a little deeper.

    This book is different to most the others with its darker tone and the adventure aspect of them traveling around finding horcruxes. I like how there is always an obstacle- the ministry, Voldemort, being unable to destroy a horcrux or (spoiler alert) Snapes memories. It has a way of keeping you hooked until the very end with multiple, beloved characters dying at he who must not be names grasp. You feel that when they are about to succeed or find a lead they get back to square one which I like about it. Just a thought but the developers of the film said that when they were adapting it they had to put the book into two films so they didn’t miss anything I think that, therefore, proves how deep and rich it is.

  60. Anya Stevens says:

    Malory Towers

    As a child, I always wanted to go to a boarding school. I had read so many books about what it was like in a variety of different schools. The main character is called Darrell Rivers and she lives in Cornwall. She sets of for her first term on the school train. She has a raging temper, and it gets her into a lot of trouble.
    She makes friend so quickly, some stay on with her through the whole school experience. Some girls don’t fit in. Like Gwendoline Mary, a spoilt only child who is scared of everything and always wants her own way. She is forced to go to boarding school by her father who wants her to learn some discipline, but no matter what anyone does, she won’t change.
    There is a rock pool, big enough for swimming in, which the girls love and the spend all of their free time- during the summer- there. Mary-Lou, a shy girl hates the pool, but when Darrel pretends to drown, she comes to the rescue. She was known as a champion by all of the school.
    There are many new girls, such as Zerelda- and American girls who dreams of being an actor. Maureen is another new girl, and she is just as bad as Gwendoline.
    There is also a school pantomime that the 5th form organise. When Darrell and her friends have their turn. Gwen and Maureen think that they will be the main star. But she isn’t.

    There are 6 books in the series where you grow up with Darrell. I love this book as I know the area well.
    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves books bursting with drama.

  61. willow says:

    Goth Girls and the Sinister Symphony by Chris Riddell
    This is the most recent book in the Goth Girl series, about a quirky girl and her adventures with the attic club as many strange things happen around Ghastly Gorm Hall and the rather eccentric people around it.
    In this book Ada Goths father, Lord Goth is planning a music festival. It is set out to be wonderful with well-known names in the beautiful gardens with lots of people coming. However when sneaky Maltravers is put in charge and Lord Goths mother is trying to find an unwilling Lord Goth a wife things start to get a little more difficult, especially when a band of zombies turn up to perform, although all ends well with a successful festival and a new mother for ada.
    Tailor Extremely-Swift is my favourite character as she is very kind and inventive and she enjoys sewing.
    I think that this book is good for a shorter more relaxed read and is fairly simple, although it has an engaging story line. Also this books font and language are easy to read and the illustrations are amazing. It is a very whimsical book
    I think that this book is suitable for 9-13 year olds who would like a lighter hearted read and I would rate this book 4 stars. I have not given it 5 as it is quite short as although there are over 200 pages the font is quite large.

  62. ? says:

    The Hunger Games
    There are three books and this review is about the first one.
    The Capitol of Panem, where the games take place, has 12 districts , There is a reaping, which is where one boy and one girl gets their name picked out of a glass ball, from each district, so there are 24 players, they are called Tributes. They then have to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games. Every citizen must watch as the Tributes fight to the death until only one remains. You have to be over 12 years old, and your name will be put in whether you want it to or not. In the games, Katniss volunteers to take her sister’s (Prim) place in the games, the boy tribute in district 12 was Peeta. The tribute have a few days to train and have good meals compared to the little bit of food they have back in the districts. They then have stylists which make them look nice to gain supporters which can send gifts to you in the games. In the games Katniss and Peeta have to act like they love each other so that they can get more supporters. Before the find each other, Katniss makes a friend called Rue, they help each other survive in the woods until she gets killed. When Katniss finds Peeta with a severe leg wound, she has to help him survive.
    I like this book because it is exciting and quite dramatic, and also a bit funny.
    My favorite character is Katniss, the main character, as she is a bit like me.
    I rate it 5 stars out of 5

  63. Liv/Olivia burchell says:

    The book that I`ve just read is kid normal, this book is about a boy called Murph who is normal and he moves house and ends up going to this school that is for children that have super powers and Murph only got into the school (witch was a secret) because the head teacher completely miss understood Murphs mum when she said that Murph was flying in his old school.
    My favourite character is a girl called Mary and she can fly I like her because she is funny and brave and can stand up for herself and her friends.
    The most memorable moment in the book was Murphs first day at the school because at the time he didn`t know that the school was for kids with powers and that he was the only normal one in the school and that everyone else, including the teachers, thought that he could actually fly like Mary.
    I don`t think that the writer taught me anything in this book, it was more of a fun easy read. It was enjoyable more than educational.
    I would recommend this book to people that like fiction and humour reading. I got a new kindle for Christmas so I read it on there, it was my first read on the kindle and I really enjoyed it and I`m very eager to buy more books on it and I will be bringing it into school soon too.

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