y12 Unit 2 – Feminine Gospels (week 6 and 7)

Dear Y12

Here are lesson slides for new poem and support for mock preparation.

Mrs Morgan

Tall – conflict and control2

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7F Mrs Taylor’s class

7F end of unit assessment

Remember to try your best to get ‘un-stuck’ – that is part of your challenge. See 3 before me. If you want to see me then fine – please email.

Good luck!

Mrs Taylor

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Year 13 Mrs Taylor’s class ‘Book Check’ guidance

Dear 13A,

Please bring everything on the checklist to next Thursday’s lesson. If you are highly organised and up to date already, well done. Getting everything in order by the end of term will he really helpful for the mock and beyond. Take pride in your work and admire all of your work to date.

Year 13 Book Look

Looking forward to some dazzling folders , impressive cutting & sticking as well as classic underlining of dates & titles.

Best of luck,

Mrs Taylor

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Y11 Mrs Taylor’s Q3 DIT Language

Here is the most I can give you so you develop confidence responding independently.

Q3 scaffold for reds

Q4 Scaffold for ‘reds’

Write your Q3 answer in 15 minutes to catch up with today’s task. You need to bring your book to me by Friday 9am so I can mark it.

Mrs Taylor


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Y11 Poetry – Winter Swans (Mrs Morgan)

Dear Y11

Here are slides from lesson and the fan and pick questions for future revision.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

Winter Swans

Fan and Pick – Winter Swans

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Y12 – Feminine Gospels (Loud)

Dear Y12

Here are ‘Loud’ slides from today’s lesson – please add to notes and have another read of the poem/add to annotation before next lesson.


Thank you

Mrs Morgan


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Year 13 Marlene slides

Churchill’s attitude towards Marlene

To do – next lesson (p.4 Monday)  & Tuesday p.5 ( in lieu of carol concert) and h/w. Due Thursday

2.2 Angie comes to visit worksheet – notes

2.2 Mrs Kidd worksheet – drama activity & notes

Print slides on attitudes to Marlene and read them / stick into book

Read Act 3 and make notes & quotes on the different values held by Marlene and Joyce.

Read the wider reading extracts which are on the shared area ( think deadline for this is 10th December)

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Y10 – Act 3 Scene 1 (Mrs Morgan)

Here are key quotes/points from this week.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

Act 3 Scene 1


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Y12 – Mrs Macey’s Gatsby Questions

Dear Y12

Here is Mrs Macey’s work for today – complete the questions and be ready to feedback to her next lesson.

Gatsby questions

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

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Ms Murphy Year 10

Dear Year 10,

here are the slides for you to print and stick in for our lesson on Tuesday: Act 3 Scene 1

Ms Murphy

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