Y11 – social class


Here are Monday/Tuesday lesson slides – please print/stick and create quote cards with the quote slide and add to them with quotes from extract writing – theme ‘social class’. Complete by end of week please.

app Lesson – social class

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

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Ms Murphy Year 11 Language home learning

Dear Year 11,

here are the Language terminology sheets to aid your revision. These are due Wednesday the 25th lesson 1 for me to hand back to you lesson 5.

AO2 Term Language table level 7

AO2 Term table Language level 7+

Ms Murphy

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The Handmaid’s Tale – ‘Womanhood’ essay


Here are the slides and plan to support preparation for your term 1 assessment. Please print/adapt as needed.

Chapter 7/8 slides from last week also here for notes.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

planning grid for test 1 term 1

Y12 and 13 term 1 test 1

HMT ch 7 and 8.pptx

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7H book Reviews Term 1

Dear 7H,

please write your book reviews here below…

If you are ever unable to ascertain which text you want to read next, why not look at these reviews and use them to guide your choice?

Ms Murphy

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Year 10 Invisible Mass slides – independent learning

Invisible Mass of the Back Row 2017

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Ms Murphy Year 9 Homelearning Support

Dear Year 9,

here is the home learning support slide: Year 9 quickdraw home learning

Ms Murphy

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Mrs Macey’s Year 7 SQI support (7E and 7H)

BISP question 2 support

Dear Year 7,

Please use the above prompts and exemplar paragraphs to complete your home learning tasks. Don’t panic if you don’t understand something. I will revisit these slides next lesson if necessary.

Thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm in lessons!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Macey



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Year 13 Gatsby/poetry templates

Dear Y13 ,

Here is an electronic copy of the model A template

comparison grids FMY

and the B template

An alternative planning model for Gatsby&poetry

passion essay outline

Essay p.1 timed on Thursday 12th October.

Let me know if stuck or if you want to bring and chat about your plan.

Don’t forget to print out the one drive doc with the infidelity quote bank. Thanks for getting on with this so well in my absence.

Mrs Taylor


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Year 12 poetry slides

The Flea JSP classwork

To His Coy mistress


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Year 12 The Handmaid’s Tale useful websites



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